8 Apr 2022



  1. Twas the Nightshift before Christmas by Andy Kay
  2. Lizzie's Dream Journal by Charlie King {RFR}
  3. Harvey And The Handy Lads by Henry Brewis
  4. Melting In The Middle by Andy Howden {RFR/BT}
  5. Acts Of Kindness by Heather Barnett {RFR/BT}
  6. Whisper Of The Lotus by Gabrielle Yetter {RFR}
  7. One Night In Beartown by Nick Jones {RFR/BT}
  8. The Weighing Of the Heart by Paul Tudor Owen
8 books or, if you prefer, 1,692 pages read compared to January 2020 which saw 8 Books or, if you prefer, 2,032 pages read


  1. The Evening And The Morning by Ken Follett
  2. Dark Tides by Philippa Gregory
  3. Harry And Hiccup Play Hide-And-Seek by Papa Perkins {RFR}
  4. Pixeldust by T.K. Arispe {RFR/BT}
4 books or, if you prefer, 1,621 pages read compared to February 2020 which saw 6 books or, if you prefer, 1,869 pages read

  1. Pluto's In Uranus by Patrick Haylock {RFR/BT}
  2. The Racketeer by John Grisham 
  3. The Walls Of Rome by Robert M Kidd {RFR/BT}
3 books or, if you prefer, 1,009 pages read compared to March 2020 which saw 11 books or, if you prefer, 2,241 pages read

  1. Wayward Voyage by Anna M Holmes {RFR/BT}
  2. Sir Lambalot by Jude Lenon {RFR/BT}
  3. Rising Star by Michele Kwasniewski {RFR}
  4. The Cobra's Heart by Ryszard Kapusainski
4 books or if you prefer 858 pages read compared to April 2020 which saw 8 books or if you prefer 2,321 pages read}

MAY ...
  1. The Winter Of Winters by Robert M Kidd {RFR/BT}
  2. Escape From Antarctica by Ernest Shackleton
  3. A Lullaby In The Desert by Mojgan Azar {RFR}
  4. Philomena by Martin Sixsmith
  5. The Green Mile by Stephen King 
  6. Barty Barton The Bear Who was Loved Too Much by Sue Wickstead {RFR/BT}
6 books or, if you prefer, 1,634 pages read compared to May 2020 which saw 9 books or, if you prefer, 3,591 pages read 

JUNE ... 
  1. Sealfinger by Heide Goody & Iain Grant {RFR/BT}
  2. Doggerland by Heide Goody & Iain Grant {RFR/BT}
  3. Sandraker by Heide Goody & Iain Grant {RFR/BT}
3 books or, if you prefer, 1,524 pages read compared to June 2020 which saw 6 books or, if you prefer, 2,619 pages read

JULY ...
  1. Tally and the Angel by Eleanor Dixon {RFR/BT}
  2. Peaches For Monsieur Le Cure  by Joanna Harris
  3. The Strawberry Thief by Joanna Harris
  4. Believe In Yourself {Be You} by Lexi Rees & Sasha Mullen {RFR/BT}
  5. Whispering Shadows by Jan-Philipp Sendkar
5 books or, if you prefer, 1,634 pages read compared to July 2020 which saw 8 books or, if you prefer, 1,646 pages read

  1. The Whisker Twitchers by Kathy Tallentire & Becky Stout {RFR/BT}
  2. False Truth by C.D Steele {RFR}
  3. Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
  4. A Journey To The End Of The Russain Empire by Anton Chekov
  5. Hunt For The Southern Continent by James Cook
  6. The Juggle by Ellie Baker {RFR/BT}
  7. Fantastic Fin Faces His Fears by Jessica Bowers & Andrew Whitehead {RFR/BT}
7 books or, if you prefer 1,414 pages read compared to August 2020 which saw 8 books or, if you prefer, 1,613 pages read

  1. Across The Empty Quarter by Wilfred Thesiger
  2. Jaguars & Electric Eels by Alexander Humboldt
  3. Me And The Monkey by Andy Darby {RFR/BT}
  4. Beautiful Redemption by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl
  5. Fighting In Spain by George Orwell
  6. Borneo, Celebes, Aru by Alfred Russel Wallace
6 books or, if you prefer, 1,160 pages read compared to September 2020 which saw 8 books or, if you prefer, 1,932 pages read

  1. Sammy Cat Leaves Home by Barry Green
  2. Little Brown Bear by Barry Green
  3. The Dance Of The Snow Tractors by Siena {RFR/BT}
  4. The Shattered Violin by Jared Bodnar {RFR}
  5. Death In The Woods by Jo Allen {RFR/BT}
  6. Twilight Robbery by J.M. Forster {RFR}
  7. The Twelve Even Stranger Days Of Christmass by Syd Moore {RFR/BT}
7 books or, if you prefer, 1,030 pages read compared to October 2020 which saw 1 books or, if you prefer 264 pages read

  1. The Custard Corpses by MJ Porter {RFR/BT}
  2. The Boy Who Breathed Underwaterr by Izzy Rees {RFR/BT}
  3. The King Who Didn't Like Snow by Jocelyn Porter {RFR/BT}
  4. My First Animal Moves by Darryl Edwards {RFR/BT}
  5. The Real Mrs Brown by Brian Beacon
  6. The New Land by Daisy Bourne {RFR/BT}
  7. The Shipwrecked Men by Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca
  8. Snakes With Wings And Gold Digging Ants by Herodotus
  9. The Shaken Path by Paul Cudby
  10. Storytellers by Bjorn Larssan {RFR/BT}
  11. Kaycie Discovers Her Talents by Tiffany Grantham {RFR}
 11 books or, if you prefer, 1,523 pages read compared to November 2020 which saw 8 Books or, if you prefer, 1,342 pages read

  1. Silent Night by Neil Pattison
1 book or, if you prefer, 400 pages read compared to December 2020 which saw 3 books or, if you prefer, 1,302 pages read


Kelly said...

Fewer books than the year before, but a more than respectable number overall! Did you ever get a chance to read Brad's second volume of Remember This?

Literary Feline said...

Looking back over what we read a year ago can be so interesting! Some books always stand out more than others, and occasionally not the ones I expected.

nightwingsraven said...

Your list of read books of 2021
is still truly varied. And some
of them I have added to my list
or I will keep them in mind.

DMS said...

Love seeing the list of books from 2021. So many different genres! I have read some of the books that you read- but there are lots more books to read for sure. :)

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

I haven't read The Green Mile, but I really enjoyed the film (and have seen it several times).

Karen said...

Last year was just awful as far as reading for me. It's going somewhat better this year.

I'm reading slowly but at least I always have a book going now.

Karen @For What It's Worth