31 Mar 2021



One of twenty five bloggers, another of whom is fellow blogger and follower of Pen and Paper, Gina of Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers fame, who over five days will be participating in this Blog Tour (the full list of which can be found in the Schedule at the bottom of the post). Today (the 5th day of the Tour) its my pleasure to be sharing my thoughts on  ...

Pluto's In Uranus by Patrick Haylock.

Genre: YA / Adult Humour

Publication Date: 30th November 2020

Standalone Novel

Estimated Page Count - 204

Purchase Link - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Plutos-Uranus-Patrick-Haylock-ebook/dp/B08PDNLY3W

Dave suffers from OCF – Obsessive Compulsive Fatalism.

Every day he is compelled to follow his online horoscope, and to actively seek out and participate in their prophesies.

One fated day, the signs are so compelling they embolden him to take a high stakes horse racing gamble. The consequence of his wager will lead Dave into situations way beyond his control and comfort zone, and his path will be crossed by an intriguing hotchpotch of larger-than-life characters.

This eccentric bunch of strangers include a Benny Hill loving vicar, a transvestite, a hippy, a diamond thief, a sausage roll addicted Bank manager, an underworld female mechanic, an ’ungry man, some piranha fish, a chimpanzee and many others.

Pluto’s in Uranus! is the story of a ‘tryer’ whose lucky omens will come back to taunt him.


  www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPuhVnCq7e8&feature=youtu.be (Trailer)

Having been born on December 25th made Dave a Capricorn, and as a Christmas day baby he felt rare, special, and a part of a very exclusive club. (First Sentence, Prefix)

"It emerged that a mate had told him that using Vaseline would blur his face and make it unidentifiable on security cameras.

"Instead of smearing Vaseline onto the camera lens he rubbed it all over his face."

The cabin erupted in laughter and the vicar simply said, "What can you do?

"Even his trial judge told him that if sentencing was in line with stupidity, he'd be getting life."

Again, his large shoulders jiggled up and down in sync with his hearty laughter.

"Basically, the bloke's a moron!" (Memorable moment, Page 83)

MY THOUGHTS ... I've said it before and I'll doubtlessly say it again, I truly believe that 'funny' books are surely way up there when it comes down to difficult to write, after all books that are scary/make us want to cry here in the UK are pretty much books that are scary/make us want to cry the world over ... but humour? Well, let's just leave it as us Brits tend (broadly speaking of course) to have a quite different sense of humour than, lets say for example, our friends across the pond.

Oh dear! I'm rambling, aren't I?

I guess what I'm wanting to say is ...

Irrespective of anyone else, British or otherwise, with its delightfully silly plot and gloriously, err, quirky? eccentric? characters, somehow OTT and yet something I completely bought into at the same time; like one of those newspaper articles featuring a crime/'criminals' which seem too incompetent to be believable, Dave the sort of character to whom these things just seem to happen ... 

Pluto's In Uranus (especially the scenes at the church sale with its rather, shall we say, unfortunate set of events) made me chuckle

Definitely what I'd describe as different; unique and unusual, if your looking for a read that is that bit surreal, chances are you may well enjoy this debut novel from an author who, as he himself tells us, is 'a globally unrecognised writer who if you discount a school sweet pea growing competition, has won no awards whatsoever!'

ABOUT PATRICK HAYLOCK ... Patrick Haylock is a globally unrecognised writer who if you discount a school sweet pea growing competition, has won no awards whatsoever!

He was born in Enfield at a very dark time in the world. It was 1:45 am, to be precise, and it wasn’t too long before it dawned on him.


To make something of himself he was going to need two things the ability to tell the difference between a green onion and a scallion, and a good education.

Wormley Primary and Baas Hill Comprehensive schools did their best to fulfil both requirements, and after giving them 12 years of his life, they gave him seven printed sheets of paper, and the knowledge that there was no difference between a green onion and a scallion.

He also learned that the difference between onions and bagpipes was that no one ever
cries when you chop up bagpipes.

The certificated wisdom secured a national newspaper messenger’s job, which led to an editorial trainee position, followed by a production editor’s post, and progression
into freelance journalism.

‘Knowing his onions’ helped him to successfully establish his own publishing company, design studio, online retro webstore and high street art gallery.

Patrick lives with his wife in a converted Old Essex Brewery, where he claims the 6% ABV air quality inspires him to craft his nutty tales.

Although a ‘new voice’, in the literary world, those ‘in the know’ will willingly testify that his gift for imaginative storytelling is engaging, and, amusingly unique!

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Re My Disclaimer which states "No financial compensation was asked for nor given. Threats of violence towards my favourite teddy bear went unheeded as did promises of chocolate", as a matter of transparency I think it only fair to disclose that whilst no money or indeed chocolate was exchanged (AND my teddy bear remains safe), I did however receive some promotional goods in exchange for a fair review, the opinions of which are mine and mine alone. FGT


Kelly said...

Yes... humor is one of those topics that can really be hit or miss. While I've enjoyed some bits of Brit humor I've read, others have fallen flat for me. But then, I could say the same for American humor.

I'm glad this one provided you some much needed enjoyment in these stressful times.

http://www.nightwingsraven.wordpress.com/ said...

I suspect that I would also
appreciate this different and
unique book. And I will keep
it in mind.
And thank you for your excellent
and enthusiastic review.

sherry fundin said...

cracked up as soon as i read the title. after reading your great review, i feel confident i would love this one too
sherry @ fundinmental