21 May 2022


Having been gifted Remember This? Real Stories About Real People ... With A Twist by Brad Dison I was so excited when Remember This? Volume 2 More Real Stories About Real People ... With A Twist popped through our letterbox courtesy of fellow blogger and good friend Kelly over at Kelly's Thoughts & Ramblings.

Are you ready for 50 more incredible but true stories about the world you only thought you knew?
"Remember This? Volume 2, More Real Stories about Real People ...with a Twist" is filled with accounts of famous figures and historical events such as airplane and helicopter crashes, shootouts, thievery, alter egos, unexpected birthday gifts, a love triangle, daring escapes, kidnappings, and much more. Each story will keep you guessing until the end. ... Back Cover Blurb

Please Note: Because of the nature of the book I wont be including The First Sentence nor my Memorable Moment. FGT

As my late nana would often say 'there's nowt as queer as folk' something that is borne out in this wonderful second collection of 50 More Real Stories About Real People ... With a Twist.   

Fascinated by people and the stories they have to tell as you can imagine I found myself lost in this book, revelling in the stories, almost always surprised by the 'twist' in the tale.

I'd have been impressed at the amount of research that would have gone into this book had the stories all been set in America {the author's country of birth} but that there were also stories from afar apart as Africa and Austria as well as several from here in England is testament to the amount of research that goes into these compelling books.

That as well as several nautical settings, there are also several stories that took place during WWII and, strong contenders for my favourite stories, those set in the world of entertainment but perhaps, favourite of all, were those set in or around Christmas. 

Meet Brad Dison ... Brad Dison is the editor of the Bienvile Parish Journal and a syndicated newspaper columnist of his weekly Remember This? series. He is the recipient of the Overdyke Award for historical writing and is a contributor to the North Louisiana History scholarly journal. Brad spends his time searching for odd and surprising stories from reputable sources from around the world. 

11 May 2022


 One of several bloggers who over 10 days will be participating in this Blog Tour {the full schedule for which can be found at the bottom of the post}. Today {the 10th day of the Tour) its my pleasure to be sharing my thoughts on ...

Confessions Of An Alleged Good Girl by Joya Goffney

Genre ... YA/Adult Contemporary Romance

Publication Date ... 3rd May 2022

Publisher: Hot Key Books

Standalone Novel

Estimated Page Count ... 380

⚠️Potential Trigger Warnings ... Sexual Content, Sexual health conditions, Emotional Manipulation, Sex Shaming,

Order Link ...  https://lnk.to/ConfessionsAllegedGoodGirl

Monique lives a perfect life as a preacher’s daughter, and girlfriend of the town’s golden boy. But its not that simple. She’s torn between her parents, who want her to remain their pure, virginal daughter, and her boyfriend, Dom, who wants to explore the more intimate side of their relationship.

Tired of waiting, Dom breaks up with Monique, spurring her to discover she has a medical condition that make her far from perfect. With the help of Sasha, an overly zealous church girl, and Reggie, the town’s bad boy, she concocts a plan to win Dom back. But along the way, she must face some home truths: maybe she shouldn’t be fixing her body to please a boy, maybe Sasha is the friend she needed all along and maybe Reggie isn’t so bad after all… ... Synopsis

It never fails. ... First Sentence, Chapter 1

We've got spots like this all over town, spots where we can kiss without anyone {mom} calling us inappropriate, "trying to be grown", or demons of lust. But Dom's kisses liquefy me. I am a demon of lust. I am ranging hormones cloaked in a church dress. ... Memorable Moment, Page 10

Not an author I've read but, having friends with children of a certain age, an author whose name I know well such is the popularity of her previous/debate novel, Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry

Knowing that several of these friends had daughters eagerly awaiting this, the author's second novel, reading it, I had the feeling that, with potential TW {Trigger Warnings}/CW {Content Warnings} of Sexual Content, Sexual health conditions, Emotional Manipulation, Sex Shaming, I'd be having some conversations as to its suitability ... and I wasn't wrong.

An enjoyable, entertaining, educational, empowering read; its theme of sexual relationships both healthy and, well, not so healthy, something all young adults should be aware of, its exploration of vaginismus {a condition in which the vaginal muscles contract involuntarily, preventing penetration} expertly and sensitively done {it came as no surprise to learn of the author's personal experience of the condition}, its exploration of so called 'purity culture', something I personally was only vaguely aware of.

A tale of personal journeys, of sexual awakenings, family issues, boyfriend problems, unlikely friendships; I thought Confessions Of An Alleged Good Girl perfect coming of age fodder all wrapped up in a compelling read with some oh so deliciously wonderful laugh out loud moments: 'I am ranging hormones cloaked in a church dress' {pg 16} still has me chuckling. 

And, oh my goodness, what a cast. Even more than a good plot I love interesting, well written characters and whether Mo, Dom, Sasha or Mo's mother; especially Mo's, a thoroughly disagreeable character if ever there was one and yet she made for FANTASTIC reading, these were nothing if not, interesting, well written characters.

About Joya Goffney ... Joya Goffney grew up in New Waverly, a small town in East Texas. In high school, she challenged herself with to-do lists full of risk-taking items like 'hug a random boy' and 'eat a cricket,' which inspired her debut novel, Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry. With a passion for Black social psychology, she moved out of the countryside to attend the University of Texas in Austin, where she still resides.

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3 May 2022




Blind at birth, Daemus Alaric is blessed with the gift of prophetic Sight. Now, as a keeper of the Forbidden, he must use his powers of the Sight to foil the plans of a fallen Keeper, Graytorris the Mad.


Princess Addilyn Elspeth travels from Eldwal, the magically hidden home of the Vermilion elves, to begin her life as a diplomat to the human capital of Castleshire. During her journey, she stumbles upon a mystical creature foretelling ill tidings. 


Daemus’ recurring nightmare vision threatens to catapult him into a terrifying struggle that will leave the fate of the Keepers—and the realm—hanging in the balance. Daemus and Princess Addilyn must set out to face the menace that threatens their very existence.


The sun was beginning to show red over the horizon, as the wooded hollow in the shadow of the Dragon's Breath Mountains stirred. ... First Sentence

These creatures weren't supposed to exist. As a child, she'd been told all about the tetrine - that they were black unicorns, ten feet tall, that they brought death with only a look. For centuries, they'd been thought to be a product of mere legend, and even those who didn't dismiss their existence as apocryphal held them to be so vanishingly rare that seeing just one was considered the worst of all possible omens.

And here was a herd of them, emerging from the woods at almost the same time, like a phalanx of soldiers marching to battle. They weren't quite ten feet tall, but they weren't far from it either. And one of them was looking right at her. ... Memorable Moment, Pg 33

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A compelling journey full of treachery and peril and epic battles ✔ 

OK so it takes a little time for the various threads of the story to converge, for our heroes {Daemus Alaric, elven princess, Addilyn Elspeth and, probably my favourite character, the trollborn, Ritter Valkeneer} to come together in their fight against fallen Gatekeeper, Graytorris the Mad, but, oh my goodness, what a journey; that of Addilyn and Ritter being an exceptional and oddly endearing one but, my lips sealed, I'll say no more.

A memorable cast of characters ✔ 

Blind prophets, elven princesses, trollborns {half human, half elven} and any amount of creatures including a mystical herd of tetrine {think black unicorns, a sighting of which is said, well, is said to be not so good} and a slightly less mystical hawk to mention but a few.

That at times I had trouble keeping track of such a large cast, a small price to pay given that {given time to know them} they are all so interesting and, not one of them 'surplus', they all have a role to play whether you at first realise this or not. 

That I didn't always connect with all of them straight away, that it did take time before I found myself fully rooting for some of them both adding to their believability and making them all the more intriguing.

Terrific world building  

And not just any of your 'usual'  world building either. Not only has the author gone to such lengths to provide credible, fascinating backgrounds, explaining the hierarchy, the race, the status of each of the worlds the three main protagonists inhabit but they have created a world full of fascinating and intriguing religious and cultural 'rules'. That I was able to clearly visualise all of this without the descriptions becoming so overly wordy that I lost interest, all credit to Hilliard ...

A great opener for what I believe is to be a series of three books. I'm only sad that, ending on something of a cliff-hanger, I'll have to wait for the second instalment.

About J.V Hilliard {as taken from his website} ... Born of steel, fire and black wind, J.V. Hilliard was raised as a highlander in the foothills of a once-great mountain chain on the confluence of the three mighty rivers that forged his realm’s wealth and power for generations.

His father, a peasant twerg, toiled away in industries of honest labor and instilled in him a work ethic that would shape his destiny. His mother, a local healer, cared for his elders and his warrior uncle, who helped to raise him during his formative years. His genius brother, whose wizardly prowess allowed him to master the art of the abacus and his own quill, trained with him for battles on fields of green and sheets of ice.

Hilliard’s earliest education took place in his warrior uncle’s tower, where he learned his first words. His uncle helped him to learn the basics of life—and, most importantly, creative writing.

Hilliard’s training and education readied him to lift a quill that would scribe the tale of the realm of Warminster, filled with brave knights, harrowing adventure and legendary struggles. He lives in the city of silver cups, hypocycloids and golden triangles with his wife, a ranger of the diamond. They built their castle not far into the countryside, guarded by his own two horsehounds, Thor and MacLeod, and resides there to this day. 

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