22 May 2021


 Asked to read this, a book which 'represents the multitude of voices barely heard'. Published by Arkbound, 'one of the very few publishers to actively support people from disadvantaged backgrounds into the world of publishing and writing', today it is my honour to be sharing my thoughts on ...


In 2014, the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham swept through the Middle East, threatening the lives of women, children, and millions of people already clinging to life after decades of conflict. This is the incredible story of Susan, an Iranian woman caught in the middle of that war, trapped not only by the terrorists at her doorstep but also by her nationality, her gender, and her innocence. A Lullaby In The Desert is a haunting account of war and desperation, taking the reader on a journey through one woman's fight for freedom. {Back Cover Blurb}

"What does school have to do with girls?" Susan's father demanded, shouting. {First Sentence, Prologue: Tehran, 2003}

The fear of being fired and jobless was now replaced with starvation and homelessness. Fear began defining her destiny. Should she just go with the flow now, or should she surrender to please those who impatiently waited to see her fail? She held her head up and continued walking. {Memorable Moment, Page 43}


GENRE: Fiction, Nonfiction, Philosophy



MY THOUGHTS ...  'A story of women’s rights, fighting for freedom from oppression, social conflict, and the dangers pushing so many to flee their homelands to become refugees'. 

Stark, poignant, at times distressing; the author doesn't sugar-coat the unspeakable. It would be misleading to say that A Lullaby In The Desert is a comfortable read but, my goodness, a story of hope, of kindness, of self sacrifice, of perseverance ...

Profoundly powerful and moving, full of characters whose actions dismayed me, angered me but equally there were those who renewed my faith in humanity. 

Always on the 'wrong side'; a daughter dominated by her father, a female employee dominated by her male employer, an Iranian living In Iraq, a woman never accepted because of her nationality or gender.

The simple honesty which with the author writes of Susan's struggles, struggles that whilst fictional are surely representative of the many women living through the years which saw Da'esh (ISIS) become the rampant force, deeply humbling

With so much to recommend it I could say so much more but truthfully, a story that should and must be heard, this is one of those books that should read by everyone.

ABOUT MOJGAN AZAR ... Mojgan Azar was born in Iran and lived most of her adult life in Iraq. She was living in Iraqi Kurdistan in 2014 when the Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham (ISIS) swept through the area, displacing millions and trapping many, including Mojgan, in Iraqi Kurdistan's capital city Erbil. Her harrowing experiences have inspired her writings, revealed to the world now for the first time.

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Kelly said...

This sounds like a wonderful (and important) book. However, I don't believe it is something I can read at this moment in my life. Someday.

nightwingsraven said...

From your review this sounds
like a powerful and poignant
book. And Susan a truly memorable
character. Thank you for your
excellent review. And I will add
it to my list.

Mary (Bookfan) said...

Your recommendation is noted! Fab review.

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

I quite like this new genre of fictionalised memoirs, so that you can't work out where one stops and the other begins.

Not a fan of memoirs per se, this mixed style suits me much better, so this is definitely one I would consider for my 'wish list' and you put a good case forward for it.

I read and reviewed a very similar kind of story a few months back, set in Syria, which might appeal to you too!

'Gazelle In The Shadows' by Michelle Peach. There is a link in the author bio to a Guest Post, which is definitely worth the read!

Thanks for sharing :)

Gina said...

Wow. Sounds very much like a real world version along the same topic lines as my own featured title today. Powerful messages.

Nadene @Ttly Addicted 2 Reading said...

A Lullaby in the Desert sounds like a story that is not only timely and relevant but would wreak havoc on one's emotions.

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

Adding to my wish list. Thank you for sharing.

Melliane said...

It sounds interesting and intense!