19 Oct 2012


Huh, the cheek of the man.

Having read THIS ARTICLE about Smarter Sock Husband dearest joked (he was joking, wasn't he?) that his only concern was that his buying such a thing would mean I had nothing to do all day.

The Smarter Sock?

Let me explain .......

Yeah! Let's hear it for the Smarter Sock.

Imagine socks that  could communicate with your phone. Imagine socks that would let your phone know.....
  • who they belonged to
  • which pair belonged together
  • how often they had been washed
  • where they had been produced
  • when they had been ordered
  • when they had been dispatched
  • when they were no longer properly black but faded
Hmm, just imagine.

Surely much more valuable would be a sock that would locate its partner mysteriously lost in the wash.

Anyway, I digress.

Undoubtedly the smartest socks in the world, these are the first socks to leave their mark on the internet via the Sock Sorter and your iPhone.

So, who do you agree with? Yours truly who thinks its a daft but cool idea or Hd who sees this as (and I quote) further proof that the sooner a meteor strikes and wipes out humanity the better.

 the internet via the Sock Sorter and your iPhone.


NRIGirl said...

Yours Truly of course! What do men know or do they even care about the pains of pairing socks or worse yet the search for the missing ones?!

I have a bag full of "found" while the "lost" are still at large!

Jeannie said...

I sorted through my husbands socks just the other night. There is a basket full of single socks. I hesitate to throw them out in case the other half magically shows up - like I have another basket of socks lying about the house. There is another laundry basket of paired socks plus his drawer is full. Why the hell am I still holding onto those singles? He will not sort them himself - he buys new ones by the dozen. Hence: baskets and baskets of socks.
I do not want a sock sorter or smarter socks - I want a husband who'll take take of his own crap.

Kelly said...

Ahahaha - I rather like your husband's comment. Sounds like something some of my family members would say. :)

Remember my sock story from awhile back? http://ksrgmck.wordpress.com/2011/03/02/the-sock/

GMR said...

Umm, can I plead the fifth? Sort of agree with you BOTH! ^_^

Karen said...

LOL - It could answer the age old question of where that one sock always disappears too!

chitra said...

Ha..ha..loved reading jeannie's comment.
I tie the pair together so that they could be located. But still many vanish and I also remember sometime back you had posted a picture of socks waiting for their partners..:))

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

If my socks start to outthink me... I'm hibernating in a cave and never coming out!

Don't have an iphone, so I will have to live with mismatched dumb socks. LOL

Alexia561 said...

I buy multiple pairs in the same color, so I don't have to worry about matching them up! DH is on his own... *L*

Suko said...

A sock app? Now that is crazy!

Fun post, Petty!!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Smart socks, huh? That is interesting...doesn't sound needed though, really. lol

I do really like that comic/joke at the top!

naida said...

lol...I swear my dryer eats socks. That's how I explain all the missing ones. Funny enough, I now buy my daughter the packs of socks that come mismatched already, no two patterns and colors are alike so it saves the trouble of finding pairs.

The Golden Eagle said...

No iPhones here . . . but wow, that's a lot of technology in a sock. Or rather, socks!

DMS said...

I would prefer a sock that could find its match- or tell me where the match was? I know there must be a laundry elf out there giggling away!

themethatisme said...

I'm confident the next step will be to have geosat locators included for the tracing of the odd missing sock.
...and I'm afraid that the liklihood of your redundancy has only increased this morning my darling as the doctors surgery has sent me a text message to remind me of my appointment later today.

Betty Manousos said...

reading through comments i realise that everyone here has a secret bond with their socks. lol!

oh, i always have trouble matching my socks up!

happy weekend~

big hugs!

Alyce said...

I have to wonder if it would take more time to use it than it would save in the long run. It takes me forever to go through and match our socks though. I make sure that each person has a different pattern/color of stitching/length of style etc when we buy them. I counted the other day - we had 36 different styles of socks between the four of us. I wonder what kind of historical facts/knowledge was replaced in my brain by the repository of family sock styles.