20 Oct 2012


It would seem I'm some sort of strange hybrid that combines the 'Popular Robin' who 'simply does not allow email to dictate how they communicate preferring to take the time to speak to people whenever possible' and thus 'is the favourite amongst all the birds' with just a smidgen of the 'Hoarding Magpie' who 'keeps hundreds of emails in the inbox but' (unlike myself) 'can never find the one they are looking for' and perhaps, though not as much as I used to be, a little of the 'Hibernating Poorwill' who 'reads emails only occasionally so that senders cannot rely on them'.

Wondering just what I'm (t)wittering (or should that be twittering?) about today?


In a nutshell, researchers at two top Scottish universities have matched patterns of emailing behaviour to different species of birds.

So, what kind of a twitterer are you?

  • COMPULSIVE WOODPECKER: Can't resist reading emails at all hours of the day and night
  • CATERWAULING PEACOCK: Broadcasts emails to all and sundry, claiming that people 'need to know' when actually they are grandstanding
  • PESKY CROW: Leans on others by means of email, sending multiple versions of the same document, or sending multiple emails about the same topic. This bird inspires fear and loathing in the hearts of the other birds.
  • BUCK-PASSING CUCKOO: Sends emails to others asking them to carry out some task that they should do themselves and then leaves quickly and mimics the Incommunicado Ostrich so that the unfortunate recipient is left carrying the baby.
  • BACK-COVERING EMU: Sends emails in order to be able to prove, at a later date, that the information was passed on.
  • HIBERNATING POORWILL: See opening paragraph
  • INCOMMUNICADO OSTRICH: Reads emails but does not reply to them. often to be seen with the Hibernating Poorwill
  • CAMOUFLAGING WOODCOCK: Uses blind copies to send copies of emails to other recipients without the main recipients knowledge. Unlike the Back-covering Emu this bird is seldom to be seen in all its glory
  • ECHOING MYNAH: Acknowledges all emails. For example engages in in exchange something like 'thanks', then 'my pleasure', then 'thanks again'
  • BOORISH PARROT: Sends abusive or inappropriate emails and fails to understand why others get upset by them
  • ECHOLALIA MOCKINGBIRD: A serial forwarder, sending chain emails, online petitions, and anything else that takes their fancy. Most of these emails have a subject line starting with 'FW'. This bird is easily ignored by other birds, but does not know why
  • NIGHT OWL: The midnight emailer who fails to understand that others do  wish to have 'time out'. This bird flocks with the Lightning-Response Hummingbird
  • HOARDING MAGPIE: See opening paragraph
  • LIGHTNING-RESPONSE HUMMINGBIRD: Responds immediately to emails and expects an immediate response in return
  • POPULAR ROBIN: See opening paragraph
Not on the list? Which type of bird would you say described YOUR emailing habits?

Source: The Mail-Online, click HERE for full article.


Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books said...

I think I'm a cross between the Compulsive Woodpecker and the Back Covering Emu.

I get my email on my phone so that I can see everything right away, however, I don't check it at night.

At work I'm definitely the Back Covering Emu because twice now I've talked on the phone to someone about something, it didn't get done right and I ended up taking the blame because they said I never told them so... now even if I talk to them on the phone I email them anyone. I know some people don't like this but I don't care cause I'm tired of accepting responsibility for things that were not my fault.

Arti said...

Hehe :) Think I most closely resemble the Emu and the Mynah!! Quite a list though :)
Quirky post, loved reading it. Have a happy weekend Tracy :)

naida said...

lol...well I'm a cross between a Hoarding Magpie and a Popular Robin. I'd rather speak face to face so things are clearer. Soemtimes the tones of emails can come across the wrong way.
But I work for a BUCK-PASSING CUCKOO and a BOORISH PARROT which leave me in a foul mood most of the time while at work :P
Enjoy your weekend!

Kelly said...

My e-mail habits have changed so much over the years that I'm not sure I can peg which one fits me best. It all depends on my mood! I do know it doesn't dominate my life as much as it use to. :)

Nikki-ann said...

I'd not heard of this before!

Hmmm... I'm a bit of a compulsive woodpecker (but not so much these days), at work I'm a back-covering emu (I've learnt to be due to certain colleagues/clients!), I'm a hoarding magpie too... I think that's about it! :D

Suko said...
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Suko said...

This is hilarious! I am a bit of a 'Hoarding Magpie', because I save a lot of my email, in case I need to refer to something, though I can usually find the info I'm looking for in a past communication. I would be more of a 'Popular Robin' if I didn't get so much email from school and other venues. I try not to be too much of a 'Lightning-Response Hummingbird' because I know that the other "birds" are busy building nests and doing other things away from computers (or smartphones).

Jenners said...

The most annoying of all are the mockingbirds! I've tried to cut them out of my inbox!!! It can be difficult.

The Golden Eagle said...

I can be a bit of a Incommunicado Ostrich and/or Hibernating Poorwill--I can easily leave my inbox unchecked for days. I'm trying to get into the habit of replying to people faster.

Alexia561 said...

What a fun post! I think I'm a bit of a hoarding magpie crossed with a compulsive woodpecker.

GMR said...

Cool post! Hmm, I'd be a combination of...
...COMPULSIVE WOODPECKER - but that's also because of my crazy work schedule!
...and maybe a smidge HOARDING MAGPIE - though I don't keep them in my INBOX, they have folders silly! Hence the ease of finding what I need. ^_^