22 Oct 2012


You say tomato, I say ..... duck?
Keen gardeners Eric and Diane Hinchliffe discovered the strange looking fruit growing alongside ordinary looking tomatoes in their green house but far from being awe-struck by the oddly-shaped foodstuff, the grandparents, of Bourne, Lincolnshire, simply cut it up and enjoyed it in a salad for their tea. More

Left feeling like a proper dummy ......
Police officers probing reports of a corpse in a wheelchair by a horrified resident rushed to a university to discover the body was in fact a medical mannequin being taken from Leicester Royal Infirmary to the university. More

Simply hair-raising!
The stylists at this years Alternative Hair Show proved they were 'head and shoulders' above other crimpers by raising money for leukaemia charities in the UK as well as in Europe, Asia and the US. More (All photos courtesy of Reuters, see more Here)

Doing it Gangham Style .....
Doctors and nurses have starred in a spoof version of GANGNAM STYLE - to promote hand washing.
The spoof, which takes viewers through the six stage technique (palm-to-palm, fingers interlaced, fingers interlocked, rubbing thumb, rotational rubbing) has been produced by Northamptonshire NHS Trust as part of Global Handwashing Day. More

Perfect for Halloween - the brogues with bite ..... 
British designers Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young have given the classic lace-up brogue a gruesome makeover, replacing the rubber soles with 1,050 (plastic) teeth. 
A one-off design, Apex Predators which are not not for sale have gold teeth added amongst the white dentures for added effect. More

Animal story of the week ......
A horse kept awake by a midge bite allergy (I know how the poor thing feels, PW) can finally hit the hay - in pyjamas which keep off the bugs and soothe her itchy skin.
Gracie May now wears soft fabric used for sleeper suits given to first-class air travellers after British Airways donated the PJs to ease her sweet itch rash at Horseworld, near Bristol. More

Love it OR loathe it, I bet this will be the most commented upon article in this post.
A controversial Damien Hirst statue of a pregnant woman (known as Verity) wielding a sword was erected in the quaint seaside town of Ilfracombe, Devon.
Described by Hirst as a 'modern allegory of truth and justice', the 65ft tall statue carries the scales of justice and is standing on a plinth of law books with part of her stomach exposed - a baby visible in her womb. More

And so from anatomical statues to anatomical ...... Barbie dolls.
From one side, she looks just like the doll she was modelled on: long flowing blonde hair, a tiny waist and generous bust with long and slender legs.
However, if viewed from another angle, Barbie is seen in a whole new light - and probably a more realistic one were she to exist in the real world.
Artist Jason Freeny has given Barbie a unique makeover - and it's sure to make you think again about the doll's unrealistic vital statistics which though never officially revealed have been estimated at being the human equivalent of 5ft 9in, a 36-inch bust with an 18-inch waist and 33-inch hips. More

Though I'm frightened of birds in general and seagulls in particular this story really is endearing.
Ron Ifield, 70, struck up an unlikely bond with a seagull - which he has named 'Herbert' - when it landed on his boat during a fishing trip in the Thames estuary.
After handing him a scrap of fish the plucky herring gull then flew into Mr Ifield's cabin, sipped from his cup of tea and nestled up to him on his bunk.
The bird stayed with him for the entire day before following his ship back to port at Hoo Marina in Rochester, Kent, during the trip in July.
Amazingly, the gull then managed to search out the fisherman's family home, which is 400 yards away from the mooring site - and the pair have been friends ever since. More


anilkurup said...

The sculpture of the pregnant woman is in my opinion grotesque.

The story of the seagull is fascinating.

chitra said...

Did n't like the modern statue truth and justice.
the tomato looks cute and loved the sea gul story too.

R. Ramesh said...

GANGNAM STYLE - to promote hand washing!! haha interesting...very good collection tracy...thanks..

Kelly said...

Wow! You found some absolutely fascinating stories this week!! The science geek in me even likes the statue and Barbie doll.

A Lady's Life said...

What interesting stories.
The statue really relates to man and his fighting spirit.Even in the womb there is a fight to survive.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

LOVE the tomato. My hair looks like that in the morning somedays... the statue would never work in the states, the poor horse! I like barbie like that better and love the seagull story. :)

fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

I don't know how you manage to amass all these clips of trivia, the only one I knew this week was the handwashing spoof. I volunteer for a hospice charity shop and the official health and safety policy for the paid members of staff, stipulates that they should wash their hands as designated in the video, after sorting through each bag!!! As we get on average 50-60 bags donated each and every day, that's a lot of handwashing!!! ... anyone got any good tips for moisturising?

Do these petty officials actually live in the real world??

Thanks for a really entertaining post as always.


Alyce said...

Those shoes are icky and creepy! I thought the horse and gull stories were very sweet.

naida said...

lol...I am sooo sick and tired of that Gangham Style song! and I saw those teeth shoes on the net as well this week, eek! gross.
Cute tomato :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh wow, that Barbie is interesting...but a little creepy.

I like the tomato duck! I wouldn't have cut it up. It's too cute for that!


The Golden Eagle said...

That's an interesting statue. I'm curious why they decided to have it put up.

Great story about the seagull.

Jenners said...

Cute little duck tomatos and then shoes with teeth. I never know what I will find here!

Blond Duck said...

1) I need a duck tomato.
2) I should get Ben a horse suit like that for his itchy skin.

DMS said...

Oh my- more amazing articles! I love the tomato- so fun! The statue is certainly unique. And the Barbie- wow. I am amazed by everything I saw and read here. Each article was new to me!

Betty Manousos said...

oh those shoes with teeth are quite creepy!

cute duck tomato.


NRIGirl said...

That's so cool - the duck!

Awww to the Seagul and Ron pair!

GMR said...

Agreed! Totally looks like a duck, though it's probably just a tomato that split when developing. On the hairdo, I'll pass but it's great it raised money for charity! LOL on the shoes and oh my, that poor horsey! Love the pjs though, glad they seem to be helping. As for the statue...interesting I suppose. *-*

Suko said...

Where do you find these "human interest" stories? They are absurd, odd, and just too funny.

Not sure if I have a favorite story this week, but the shoes with the "toothy" soles are righteously ridiculous! (I will read more about the "brogues with bite" to find out if these shoes will be worn by dentists this Halloween!)

Melanie said...

Oh, the horse pajamas are adorable! I love it.

Mamakucingbooks said...

The tomato duckie is so cute . Not sure that i like the pregnant woman statue.