11 Jun 2012


No, not those Olympics ....... these OLIMPICKS.

London is gearing itself up for the 2012 Olympics, but for a small number of residents in the English countryside, the Cotswold Olimpicks are much more important, with its star, the Shin-Kicking Championships taking centre stage. 
Other games at the Cotswold Olimpicks include the wheelbarrow race, sack race and tug-of-warMore

Oh s**t

A tractor spills two tonnes of manure in a garden when a farmers trailer overturned and spilled into a front garden.
The runaway trailer collided with a wall and overturned sending the cow and horse dung onto the front lawn of the bungalow and pavement. More

'Crash test' cats and dogs.

Thousands of Britons allow allow their pets to sleep on or in their beds every night. To help them rest in peace, flat-pack furniture kings Ikea have made 'crash test' dogs and cats in different sizes.
Bed buyers lie down with them (in the store) to gauge if there is enough room for their partners and, more importantly, their pets. More

 The squeamish amongst you might want to look away .......

This tattoo-fan shows off his new design - a huge gunshot wound on the back of his head.
Mac "Doctor Evil" McCarthy, a master piercer and body modification specialist, has had the design inked on to his shaved skull.
The gruesome inking makes it look as though it has been blasted away in a violent attack.
And the unpleasant piece even comes with blood and brains which appears to trickle out of his head and on to his neck. More

Photographer Kevin Beresford puts stomach-churning roadkill pictures onto table mats and coasters.
Mr Beresford, who admits his wife left him because she thought he was ‘a bit odd.' More

Ok, now it's safe to look.

A cheeky grey squirrel took advantage of some Diamond Jubilee treats on offer at one street party after being spotted tucking into some delicious trifle.
The patriotic tree-lover traded in his usual diet of nuts and seeds for something a little sweeter in celebration of the Queen's 60 years on the throne. More

And from trifle to stake and garlic paste ..........

A 19th century Vampire slaying kit  which includes a wooden mallet and four oak stakes, glass vials of holy water and garlic paste is expected to fetch up £2,000 when auctioned later this month.
The macabre artefact also has a percussion cap pistol - invented in the 1830 - and a steel bullet mold, all carefully crafted to offer the best protection against any creatures of the night. More

The case contains: 1. Rosary, 2. Crucifix, 3. Hand written Psalm (Luke 20:27), 4. Pistol, 5. Four oak stakes, 6. Consecrated earth, 7. Prayer book, 8. Wooden mallet, 9. Silver bullet mold, 10. Cloth, 11. Two glass bottles containing garlic paste and holy water.

As you know I don't often do news from abroad but had to include this ........ 

No one could accuse them of not trying to make it work.
after an incredible 115 years together two giant turtles at an Austrian zoo have gone their separate ways - refusing to share a cage any longer.
The falling out, which has baffled the zoo officials, marks the end of the world’s oldest animal 'marriage'.
‘We get the feeling they can't stand the sight of each other anymore,’ said Zoo boss Helga Happ. More


Vivienne said...

That tattoo is horrific!

I would be fabulous at the shin kicking competition! LOL

Kelly said...

While quite a fan of tattoos, I'm afraid that one is a bit much!

I'm fascinated by the Vampire kit!!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh gosh, that tattoo is a little- i mean a LOT- much. Ugh! The things people get. Sheesh.

That is hilarious about the squirrel. Too cute. I love squirrles. ;)

aww...the turtles are breaking up!!

Those crash test cat and dogs is hilarious, but you know, not a bad idea. My dog sleeps with my parents after all. haha


Patti said...

That tattoo is crazy and so sad about the turtles. I guess nothing lasts forever.

Suko said...

Great, amusing stories today! That tattoo is uber frightening, and I do wish the turtles had gone to marriage counseling instead of parting ways. And that cheeky grey squirrel is adorable. :)

Petty, after today, I will be away from blogging for about a week.

GMR said...

OMG on that tattoo...*-*...but loving the squirrel pic! ^_^

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

First, I have to say.. it doesn't matter how much room I have on my bed, but my huge doberman loves sleeping on either my leg, arm or stomach... seriously. I'm Flat Stanley! LOL

LOVE the squirrel and I know i'm sick, but I really like that tat. Not that I'd get one, but the rendering is fab.

Jenners said...

That is the most horrible tattoo ever!

The Golden Eagle said...

Shin-kicking looks painful! LOL. :P

Aw, it's sad the turtles don't get along anymore. 115 years is a long time.

Fairday Morrow said...

You find the most amazing articles and points of interests. I can't get over that tatoo. I think the London Olimpicks sound hilarious!

anilkurup said...

The Vampire slaying kit is one kind of self defence kit. If the count rises back.
But this week I bow to the tortoise couple who showed immense perseverance.

naida said...

That tatoo is nasty! And awwwww about the turtles, it's sad after all that time they've had enough.

Betty Manousos said...

that tattoo is a bit much!
thank you for always providing such interesting articles!

big hugs!