1 Sep 2010


A hugh fan of the pictures (cinema) - I love the whole experience, the big screen, the smell of popcorn, (on a hot day) the air conditioning, the rustling of sweet papers, the child behind constantly kicking the back of my seat (0k so we can scrap the last two) - Husband dearest and I used to go often but sadly we are much more likely to catch a film on DVD these days but not so the following two films both of which I saw with Lisa and (the second film) ma-in-law and Niece #2.

ECLIPSE. The third outing in the popular vampire/werewolf saga.So I didn't think too much to the first two offerings in the series but being a glutton for punishment I HAD to see part three and it just so happened that Lisa also wished to see it. Whoa, wait a moment Hd - you are not so lucky as to think this means you won't have to sit through it, you WILL be watching it on DVD.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Eclipse.

Much better than both TWILIGHT and NEW MOON (click on relevant link to view my reviews) this actually had a story, Bella wasn't nearly so full of teenage angst, there were some really quite funny moments, great action sequences AND, dare I say it, I actually found myself warming (just an itsy, teeny, weeny bit) towards Edward though I still remain a Jacob fan at heart.

Interesting to see (should that be hear?) the film through the eyes (ears?) of someone whose first language was other than English, I had not thought that Lisa had yet to hear the actual voices of the actors. Also interesting was her perspective on Riley - a newly created vampire, love interest of the somewhat feisty 'anti' heroine Victoria - who she felt sorry for as, and I quote "When Victoria changed him into a vampire she always told him she loved him and he believed her (and) until the end he fought for her love and died knowing she played with him." but then I've already told you all of this in my interview with Lisa.

The second film?

MARMADUKE. It was either this or DIARY OF A WIMPY KID and in the end this, sadly, won - how I wish I'd not been so wimpy and had held out for the latter.

The story of a Great Dane dog, Marmaduke is part live action, part animation and is more for the children though to be fair it also has enough (just) to keep us adults entertained - the biggest laughs going to when this hugh dog breaks wind whilst his owners try to sleep.

I thought it was mildly amusing in parts though thought the park scene involving cat, Carlos, was totally unnecessary and not at all funny. Feeling pretty much the same as me, the ma-in-law also found certain things to be mildly amusing though, funnily enough, she also failed to raise even a smile at Marmaduke breaking wind.  Much more amusing to Lisa (14) and even more so to niece #2 (11) I won't be forcing encouraging Hd to watch this one, no, not even on DVD.


Melissa Gill said...

I haven't been dragged to the 3rd Twilight movie, since my oldest niece is only 9. I'll probably try to pick it up at the red box for 1.00 when it comes out. I'm sad that Maramduke wasn't good. I was also planning on renting that one. I love Great Dane's, but if he abuses a cat, then it's no go for me.

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

I have read the Twilight book and seen the relevant movie.
People are quite obsessed by Vampire stories/movies.
What do you think? What make them love that stuff?

Have a great month!

Big big hugs,
B xx

....Petty Witter said...

Well Betty, I think the whole new look, romanticised vampires have caught the attention of many of our young (and not so young) people. With somewhat dual personalties, vampires are seen as quite romantic and yet have that edge of danger about them. What do my other readers think?

Kelly said...

Marmaduke is one that didn't appeal to me. Mainly because I don't particularly like movies that combine live action and animations. I refused to watch the Garfield or Scooby Doo movies for that reason. I say just leave them as animation. I'd much rather watch that way!

....Petty Witter said...

not my first choice either Kelly but sadly I was out-voted.

GMR said...

LOL! Yeah...I agree with the love of the experience, popcorn (YUM), but not so much on the kicking and let's add in the occasional sticky floors...
As for Eclipse...yep, my fav of the movies so far (though in the books, the first still holds it place in my reading heart). I shall forgive thee for being a Jacob fan....TEAM EDWARD, whoo-hoo! ^_^ Got a chance to see Marmaduke as well....and yeah, not a fan of the cat antics either, but the movie had some smile worthiness and the ending (before the CG dance sequence) was a great fit.

Anonymous said...
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Shigune Matsui said...

I hadn't seen the third Twilight movie, either. I saw the other two, and I did read the books. I remembered Eclipse, the relationship between Victoria and Riley (an outright lie) and the choice of either Edward or Jacob.

I also read Breaking Dawn. All of it. It was Harry Potter length.

Kelli (I'd So Rather Be Reading) said...

I have not seen Eclipse but am glad that you thought it was better than the first two. I don't go to the movies often---I prefer to wait until they come out on DVD!