2 Sep 2010


A is for aliens. A short story competition to celebrate the life of HG WELLS failed to attract a single entry after organisers banned science fiction writing.
The contest challenged fans of the author, considered by many as the father of science fiction, to write stories about contemporary life in his home county of Kent rather than aliens or time travel.
Another condition was that the story had to be handwritten rather than typed in an effort to challenge the modern over-reliance on computers. - the Daily Telegraph.

B is for Boomer. A man who often dresses up as a ... dog has been denied his request to legally change his name to Boomer The Dog after a judge said it could "put public welfare at risk".
Mr Mathews,44, an unemployed computer technician regularly wears a shredded-paper dog costume.
But judge Ronald Folino said the name change could cause "confusion", for example, if he ever needed to make an emergency call he would not be taken seriously. - Thanks to C for that article.

C is for Cornetto. A motorist rammed a car and threatened to run over the driver's mother because ..... her ice-creams were melting.
Jacqueline Griffiths came face-to-face with another driver on a single-track road and refused to turn around because the Cornettos on her back seat were melting. - the Daily Telegraph.

D is for desert. Even the most sweet-toothed among us may struggle with this desert - it contains 300 dishes and a gut-busting 320,000 calories.
The towering mix of sugar, custard tarts, jams and candies includes gilded jelly and 20 sugar sculptures.
The sugary feast, first served to Queen Elizabeth I more than 400 years ago, was re-created by KENILWORTH CASTLE, Warwickshire, for the first anniversary of the opening of its Elizabethan Gardens. - the Metro.

E is for escape. Two prisoners have escaped from a prison in Argentina after guards placed a dummy with a football for a head in the watch tower because of a shortage of manpower.
Prison workers said that a shortage of staff meant they were only able to man two of the 15 guard towers, so they had to resort to using a stand-in. A prison source said "We've made a dummy out of a football and a prison officer's cap, so that the prisoners see its shadow and think they're being watched."
(Obviously not so easily fooled) Two armed robbers, Walter Pozo and Cesar Andres, leapt over a fence before scaling the perimeter wall and making their escape, unnoticed by their remaining guards.


Arti said...

I love my cornetto too ...but I doubt will ever travel that lenghts to save it from melting;) I is for interestesting...

Karen said...

See.....this is why I call Pen & Paper the quirkiest blog I visit!! :-))
Enjoy your day!!

Melissa Gill said...

Oh my, these are soooo funny. I've always wanted to try a cornetto but they don't sell them here in Kansas. Great articles though.

chitra said...

What a flourish PW, Appreciate you.

StarTraci said...

Oh dear, Petty. Where do I start? Between melting ice cream base road rage and creating a soccer headed dummy as a prison guard, it just got better and better (or worse and worse).

I think it's pretty clear why the gentleman who wanted to be called Boomer is unemployed. Dog costume, anyone?

But I think the best is hosting a tribute contest for H.G. Wells without allowing Science Fiction stories. That makes less sense than eating 320,000 calories.

(formerly 38traci)

Nina said...

Wow, they really adored their cornetto's. ;)

Dorte H said...

Quirkiest - yes, I think I can see why someone might think that ;D

Kelly said...

I found the first two the hardest to get beyond. The rules on that writing contest were outrageous!! No sci-fi for H.G. Wells??!

And Boomer..... well, I'm just trying to imagine it....

Kelly said...
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Jennifer McLean said...

Haaa, I love the "quirkiest" blog award you got and this post totally proves it. Wow, the ice cream thing is just over the top. seriously, some people!!!
Hope everything is well with you and dear Husband. Hugs to you, give him my best.

SG said...

Excellent. I just ROFL.

GMR said...

LOL...people never cease to amaze me....really! There are so many...um..."interesting" folks out there. Thanks for the smile. ^_^

Sanand said...

I found this post very creative and funny!