1 Feb 2010


I was going to be good and do a book review - I can't believe that, despite it now being February, I have only done one this year and that was a book I'd started before Christmas - but I feel compelled to tell you about the three DVD's Husband dearest and I watched over the week-end.
Feeling a lot more steady on my feet, I decided enough was enough and I was going to make it downstairs one way or another so, sitting on my bottom, I slid down the stairs hoping that I wouldn't suffer too greatly from any carpet burns on the way.
My reward? A week-end of DVD's and popcorn. Twilight followed by The Proposal on Saturday and Ice Age 3 - Dawn Of The Dinosaurs on Sunday.
Twilight. I have read the book (see my review by clicking HERE) and had wanted to see the film at the pictures but it just wasn't meant to be so I had waited until it was available to rent on DVD. As usual, when about to watch a book to film adaptation, I was a little worried as to whether the book would live up to my expectations and if the characters would be as I had imagined them in my mind's eye. And, even worse still, despite my expecting otherwise, Husband dearest had decided he wanted to watch it as well, if only to see what all the fuss was about. Now I knew it wasn't going to be his cup of tea but, as he promised to sit still and say not a single word until it was over, we sat down and pressed 'play'.
Did the film live up to my expectations and were the CHARACTERS as I had pictured them? Not really and certainly not.
I thought that as far as book to film adaptations went, on the whole, this film was quite true to the book HOWEVER I felt that many of the relationships weren't explored enough which was disappointing as some of these relationship details went a long way as to the viewer (and especially the non book reading viewer) understanding the 'whys and wherefores' of certain events. Also some of the scenes were a huge anti-climax. Take for example the speed with which we were told the vampires were able to move, I didn't really get a huge sense of this and as for the baseball scene? What a let down, how unspectacular was that? Though to be fair I'm sure this might have been a little more exciting on the big screen with surround sound and all of that - on the small screen it just wasn't anything special.
As for the characters being as I had pictured them. In this I was heartily disappointed. Now I know that this is a very personal thing and how I see a character in my mind will, no doubt, vary hugely from how the next person will see that same character in their mind, but almost none of these characters was how I imagined them.
Edward - I didn't like in the books and I certainly didn't in the film but for a totally different reason. I mean to say 'mean and moody' didn't come into it as far as this portrayal went, it was so over-the -top as to be funny. No, in my opinion the only character who I felt was realistic and true to the book was Carlisle Cullen played by Peter Facineli.
The second film film of choice THE PROPOSAL was much more to our taste but then I had expected that as (1) it was a comedy and (2) it starred Sandra Bullock doing what in my opinion she does best, playing a somewhat goofy character.
And so onto Sunday and the final DVD of the week-end which was probably my favourite. ICE AGE 3 - DAWN OF THE DINOSAURS. Truly funny, with amazing animation and the wonderful addition of new character Buck, I loved this film which was great all round family entertainment suitable for the little ones though it did contain some 'mild comic peril' whilst at the same time having enough subtle innuendo to keep us adults happy.
Click HERE to see Scrat in his quest for that all elusive acorn.
UMM, that's a new one on me, how did that happen? Despite it still being only the 31st of January here in England and my scheduling this post for the 1st of February it has been published now - strange. Still, I suppose by the time many of you read this it will be February making my comment pretty irrelevant so I'll shut up now, shall I?


Kelly said...

I haven't seen the second two movies, but I did see Twilight (and also New Moon). My thoughts: movies are rarely as good as the book. I didn't go into this movie (either of them) expecting it to be as good as the book (and I did quite enjoy all the books). My favorite vampires in the movie were Carlisle and Emmitt. I also thought Alice was much as I'd pictured her (that's who my dog Alice is named for). I liked Edward better in New Moon, but I'm more of a Jacob person anyway. (and he looks great in the second movie!) My husband read the books and saw both movies, too. His comment when we left the theatre after New Moon: Too much angst and not enough action!. So.... you didn't say what kind of comments your husband made at the conclusion of the movie.

Alexia561 said...

Curious as well what your husband thought of Twilight. I didn't really care for the book, but may watch the movie when it comes to cable.

So...were the movies worth sliding down the stairs for? :)

UberGrumpy said...

You watched three movies over the weekend? Lucky thing. That's positively decadent.

I can't even find the time to watch the news at the mo

Jenners said...

What a fun bunch of movies! I though "Twilight" (the movie) was pretty lame ... though I do like Robert Pattison's voice and eyes. (He wasn't quite what I pictured though.)

I need to see "The Proposal." I've heard such good things about it.

Alice in Wonderland said...

I would much prefer to read the book than watch the movie. I watched the first Twilight movie before I read the book, and there was so much more that they could have put into the movie, such as Bella was part albino.
That, to me played a big part.
I've not watched the other three sequels, but I love the books!
"The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas" was another one, and you just never see the ending coming! That was very good!

chitra said...

I am not a movie buff but read all the review . What I liked more was you were bold enough to slide sown the staircase and start your work. Keeping oneself engaged is really good.

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

I watched the first Twilight movie and I found it wonderful.
It is appealing as a new approach and idea according to our period and culture.
Loving your blog.
Betty xx

TheLittleFlower said...

I so agree. Twilight,the characters didn't live up ti my expectations and the realationships with the other chracters weren't explored enough. They just tend to focus on the 3 main chracters Edward,Bella,Jacob.

Dorte H said...

Ice Age 3 would probably also be my favourite. My daughters tried to buy the DVD saturday, but sadly our local shop didn´t have it on the shelf.

I am not quite sure I would enjoy Twilight. I may try the series if I stumble upon it in the library, but well, I have so much great crime fiction on my shelf ...

Vivienne said...

I agree that Twilight the film isn't as good as the book, but wait until you see New Moon, that was so much better!

Nina said...

You just got an award on my blog:

Kissed by an Angel said...

Twilight is definitely not my type of film!!! The Proposal, however is!!! I saw it severaly hundred time when we were in Aus. I love it so much that I bought it for First born Angel as one of her Christmas pressies, and luckily Mr a bought it for me!!!! I love ALL the Ice Age films!!!

Betty Manousos:cutand-dry.blogspot.com said...

Came by to say hi!
Betty xx

themethatisme said...

Husband is straining to be civil, much as he fought to be quiet during Twilight. I'm not sure that I've ever seen a film so reliant on it's own genre's cliches and formulae without actually selling itself as a spoof. I still can't believe this is a serious film. Rubbish from start to finish.

....Petty Witter said...

Thanks for that Nina.

Anonymous said...

Thank you :-) look at that emo boy hair on this blog:

GMR said...

Where shall I begin....
Twilight - Book = YAY! Movie = Ehh.... I definitely understand the character not matching what your mind created while reading the book.....same here. While the movie got the events for the most part correct, the emotional backing was missing and the characters beyond Edward and Bella were not really detailed (I suppose that is lost usually in the translation process, but alas, one can dream.). I suppose on this one it comes down to this....fans will see it because it is at least SOME semblance of the book they love on the big screen (or living room TV). (New Moon was better acting wise though....they grew into their roles a bit better...)
The Proposal - LOVED IT! Saw it on the big screen and bought it the day after Thanksgiving (state side). If you haven't seen it...SEE IT!
Ice Age 3 - FUN! Ironically enough, I think I caught bits and pieces of the first two on TV, but I saw this one in theaters in 3D. Lots of crazy fun and potential for another!
(Whew! Done rambling....but hey, you introduced the topic!) =0)