3 Jun 2020


Know what Kelly of Kelly's Thoughts & Ramblings favourite joke is? 


You will once you have her answer to ... 33 Random Questions.

What a great way to learn more about our fellow bloggers. I'd love to know YOUR answers to these 33 Random Questions. 

Don't want to read my wittering on? That's OK but, in need of a laugh?  You might want to check out numbers 16 and 33 before you go.

1. Who are you named after? Long story. I was going to be called Carol (not after anyone and not because I was a Christmas baby or anything like that)  but when born my parents thought I looked like a Tracy (whatever it is a Tracy looks like) so Tracy it was ... until it wasn't. Hating my name I legally changed it last year to names I both liked and had meaning to me; Felicity meaning happiness and Grace (amongst other things) forgiveness.
2. Last time you cried? Heck! I'm of a certain age when if I'm not crying/wanting to cry I'm wanting to scream. 
3. Do you like your handwriting? No. I never have. Its always seemed child-like to me.
4. What is your favourite sandwich? At the moment I'm rather partial to brie and tomato.
5. Favourite drink? Presently I'm rather into elderflower presse.
6. Do you still have your tonsils? Yes.
7. Would you bungee? I'd rather have my tonsils removed ... without anaesthetic.
8. What is your favourite kind of cereal? I'm more of a toast/croissant/pain au chocolat, fresh fruit and yoghurt kind of person but when I do fancy a bowl of cereal its generally weetabix, crunchy nut cornflakes or muesli.
9. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? Because of issues with my leg I have specially made clog type shoes which I just slip on which is just as well because I never learnt to tie shoe laces.
10. Do you think you are strong-willed? If its something I feel strongly about then, mmm, probably but otherwise, no, I don't think of myself as particularly strong willed.
11. Favourite ice-cream? You can't beat Cornish clotted cream ice-cream. And if it comes with a banana cut down the middle and covered in cream all the better.
12. What is the first thing you notice about a person? What it is they are reading. Oh! You mean physically? Their eyes.
13. Football or Baseball? I'm not sure if we're talking what we call football and the Americans call soccer. Not that it really matters, football/soccer (call it what you will), I'm not a fan just as I'm not a fan of baseball. 
14. Last book read? In The Heart Of The Amazon Forest by Walter Henry Bates.
15. Last thing you ate? Buttered toast, a pear and a strawberry yoghurt.
16. I wish I were listening? Something that makes me laugh so ...Tiny Tim Talks. You don't know about Tiny Tim Talks the '3 nearly 6' year old? This, his calling a transport company (below), is probably my favourite but there are lots to choose from.

17. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be? Yellow its my favourite colour. Its so cheerful.
18. What is your favourite smell? Freshly laundered washing that's been drying in sunshine all day.
19. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? Val, a friend of mine.
20. In a relationship? Married 34 years this September; Mr T deserves a medal.
21. Eye colour? Blue.
22. Favourite food to eat? Oh! That's a hard one. Hmm! Probably ... probably Mr T's nut loaf (it includes mashed parsnip which makes it lovely and moist) with a mushroom sauce. 
23. Scary movies or happy endings? Aw! Can I opt for something that makes me laugh? No? OK then, happy endings it is.
24. Last movie you watched in a cinema? Do you know its been that long since I last visited the cinema that I have forgotten. Lets see, it was probably The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp.
25. What colour shirt are you wearing? I have to admit that I'm not wearing a shirt. Shameful I know but I'm still in my night clothes.
26. Favourite holiday? Like Kelly I'm wondering would that be a holiday as in a vacation or a holiday as in Easter/Christmas? If its the former, the week Mr T and I spent in a caravan in Scarborough just before we got married. If its the latter, Christmas.
27. Beer or wine? Neither, I don't drink alcohol unless its Christmas morning in which case I'll have a few mouthfuls of Bucks Fizz which unlike this, the recipe for the perfect Bucks Fizz, is more, much more OJ  and a lot less champagne.
28. Night owl or morning person? At the moment both both and neither. I think it fair to say your most likely to find me awake between the hours of 11.30pm to 3.00am OR 12 midday to 9.00pm
29. Favourite day of the week? I'm kind of partial to Saturdays as this is the day of the week Mr T and I aim to keep free in order that we can spend it together.
30. Favourite animal? Domesticated? Cats. Wildlife? Hedgehogs.
31. Do you have a pet? No. Alas our current circumstances mean having a pet isn't possible. 
32. Where would you like to travel? Given the current situation the world finds itself in I'm not wanting to travel anywhere. If asked pre Covid19, we were planning to meet up with friends from Germany who wanted to visit Scarborough so, yes, I'd like to travel to Scarborough. 
33. Favourite Joke? Really? OK, just remember, you asked.

A little blue man was feeling lonely and blue so he decided on a holiday at the Blue Dolphin Hotel and a week later, after packing his blue suitcase, got into his blue car and set off.

On arrival at the Blue Dolphin Hotel, the blue man got out of his blue car, took his blue suitcase and registered with the receptionist in the blue uniform.

He was shown to his room overlooking a very blue sea and found a welcome pack in a blue binder which ended with the warning "Under NO circumstances press the big blue button by the blue  door."

Now, after unpacking his blue suitcase and watching an episode of The Blue Planet on the television, the blue man became curious about the big blue button by the blue door and decided to press it. AND do you know what happened?

Yes, it Blew up!!!

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Kelly said...

How fun to see you joining it with this! You made me laugh with your joke. :D Your bungee answer made me laugh, too.

You never learned to tie shoe laces? I remember it took me forever to learn and had some of my family members worried about me. These days, about the only tie shoes I ever wear are my hiking shoes I don for my morning walks.

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Felicity,

I did do a quick pass on this survey, when Kelly posted her own answers, so if you want to know about numbers 3, 10, 27, 28, 30, and 31, then check back to her site link.

So perhaps I'll pick another couple of random numbers for you …

1. My mother wanted myself and my brother to have different names to anyone else in our typically 1960s working class families. I ended up with two French names Yvonne Denise and my brother with two Scottish names Ian Stuart - A form of inverted snobbery if you will!

20. Married 41 years back in April 2020. Mr G is another who deserves a medal

26. Neither of us are beach people, so Interlaken Switzerland before it got too expensive to even breathe the air, or Disney World Florida at Christmas as we are both big kids at heart!

33. I really don't do jokes!!!

That's all you're getting from me, but I loved some of your answers and I did have to smile at the joke, my great nephew would love it :)


DMS said...

How fun to read all these facts and tidbits. I like to wear clogs or slip on shoes the most because it is much easier for me. Do you know that every time I see a hedgehog somewhere I think of you (drawings, stuffed animals, etc.)? :)

Have a lovely day!

Brian Joseph said...

If I have a way of knowing then the first thing that I would notice about a person is what they are reading.

Cats and hedgehogs are both cool.

Literary Feline said...

I sometimes think about changing my name. I am glad you were able to find something you liked better. :-) Haha! I love your joke. And I enjoyed reading your answers.

Sherry Ellis said...

I haven't seen posts like this in a long time. It's nice to get to know other bloggers this way. I like the "mid-day" person answer.

Nikki-ann said...

Tiny Tim is quite funny!

Elderflower presse is Mum's drink of choice if I take her out anywhere (which is sooo long ago now!).

nightwingsraven said...

I already enjoyed Kelly's answers
to these questions. But thank you
for sharing your answers, I appreciated
these very much!

Suko said...

Oh, what fun, Carol--oops, Tracy--oops, Felicity! And I do feel as if I know you a bit better now. Thank you for this humorous post! As for me, I leave my sneakers tied (because they are the perfect tightness) and merely slip them on. :)