20 May 2015


Because of their incredible adoption rate and speed of evolution they are evolving faster than ancient languages such as hieroglyphics. As a visual language they have already eclipsed its ancient Egyptian precursor which took centuries to develop. 

Rapidly replacing 'LOL' and 'OMG' they are used by eight out of ten people in the UK to communicate with 72% of eighteen to twenty five year olds claiming it is easier to put their feelings across in this way. 

Added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2013, the name comes from the Japanese word meaning pictures and characters.

According to this article the top ten most popular symbols are ...
  • Smiley face
  • Crying with laughter
  • Love heart
  • Beaming red cheeks
  • Thumbs up
  • Tongue out winking face 
  • Blowing kiss
  • Winking face 
  • Confused
  • See no evil monkey.

One eminent linguistic expert has it that Emoji is the fastest growing 'language' in the UK.

Without a doubt great fun, creative and quicker than trying to express yourself with words. Call me old fashioned but I'm feeling somewhat ....

(that's confused to you and me) by this growing trend that has young people feeling it is easier to communicate their feelings in this way and slightly....

    (* worried) that one day I'll open a book and find not words but a whole load of characters like these.

Apparently my Emoji is the ....

..... Sparkling Heart 
{Ah, to be in love. You're a hopeless romantic, always looking for 'the one'. Finding a soul mate occupies most of your time, because you know your one true love is out there.}

Hmm, not too sure what Mr T will make of my most of my time being occupied by my search for a soul mate.

But what about you, what type of Emoji are you? Do this quiz to find out and be sure to let me know in the comments.

And finally ... 

How many of these 10 historic historic events as told through Emoji can you decipher?


    Shooting Stars Mag said...

    I don't really use Emojis- maybe a bit on Facebook but my phone doesn't have them. They can be fun, sure, but oh gosh...I'd hate a whole book of them. haha

    Suko said...

    I am also Sparkling Heart, although I am not sure why! What a fun post, Tracy! And now I think I know how to spell Emoji properly. :)

    Kelly said...

    Uh, oh...I got the sarcastic side-eye!

    I did quite well on the historic events. Only one tripped me up. Maybe that says I spend far too much time using emojis. I'll admit I really do think they're fun. :)

    Sherry Ellis said...

    I'm a sarcastic side eye! Haha! Must be my quick wit.

    I hope humans don't evolve to go back to using pictures to communicate. We're going back to the cave men days!

    Alexia561 said...

    I'd hate to open a book to find nothing but emojis! While I like the ones on Facebook, I don't really use them in emails or tweets. Took the quiz and got Manicured Nails, which is funny because I'm anything but a trendsetter!

    Melissa (Books and Things) said...

    I'd answer you in emojis but I don't have one on my comp right now. LOL Hm... well, I do, but I don't use them. I got monkey... :D

    Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

    I got Kissy Wink Face and some of the history Emojis, but not all of them.

    I use some Emojis, but not all the time and not as much on my computer. Usually just when texting a few people. :)

    Brian Joseph said...

    I love this post.

    I had never given that much thought to Emojis before but I am actually thinking that one could spend a bit of time studying them.

    I guess like everyone else I have lots of them on my phone. In the appropriate forums they can be great fun to use.

    kimbacaffeinate said...

    I use them, but usually at the tale end of a statement or message to covey my feeling, since one line text responses often don't have the context necessary to create tone.

    Claudine G. said...

    I got sarcastic side-eye. And a 7/10 on the quiz!