2 Apr 2013


I know I said there wouldn't be any Media Monday post until the 8th of April but having found myself with more time to spare than I had anticipated I decided to give you all an Easter gift in the form of this post.

Ouch!!!!!! That had to bring tears to the eyes. George King is one of the biggest babies born in Britain after topping the scales at a whopping 15lb 7oz (7kg) – about twice the average weight. MORE

I think I'll stick with the traditional egg. After having been deep-fried and turned into ice-cream now, the Creme Egg is getting a new role… as a cocktail. Made with rum, chocolate liqueur and, of course, the famous Cadbury Creme Egg it has a staggering 987 calories. MORE

And talking of eggs .... The femur bone of a dodo (expected to fetch £10,000 and £1500) and the giant partially fossilised egg of an elephant bird (pictured right) are being put up for auction at Christie's. MORE 

Most bizarre story of the week ...... Squirrel sets fire to house causing £20,000 worth of damage. As diversions go it sounds completely nuts – but a funeral car filled with relatives of the deceased had to pull a U-turn on the way to a cemetery after a mourner learned a squirrel had sparked a blaze at his home in Romford, Essex. MORE

Then again, perhaps this is just as bizarre ..... Hundreds of people showed up at the Cardiff memorial of Nick Boign, sheep and local celebrity. MORE

And whilst on the subject of sheep ..... Born on a farm in North Yorkshire and weighing only 1kg (the weight of a bag of sugar) Micro Lamb has her own Twitter account, her latest Tweet reading "I'm busy playing in the lovely warm kitchen, saying hello to the dog, chasing the farmer, sleeping under the chairs. This is such fun! Baa."

Not even enough time to send a postcard. Hundreds of ferry passengers on a mini-cruise to Amsterdam endured a 700-mile round trip to Holland that took 30 hours instead of the usual 13 on storm-lashed seas, but spent just six minutes there... in a car park. MORE

What? Deemed unfit to do Community Service because of a shoulder injury, a convicted drugs dealer was ordered by a judge to write a 5,000 word essay on the dangers of drugs and their effect on society. MORE

Old Age Pensioner's behaving badly ...... An old folk's bingo night descended into farce when two rival players had a punch-up. Police were called as the OAPs in their late 60s traded blows after one accused the other of shouting “house” too early. MORE 

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Kelly said...

I'm glad you treated us to a media post this week after all - although I'll admit I had trouble getting back on track after reading that first item....15 lb. 7 oz? Seriously? And I was also a bit distracted by the photo of the Cadbury Cream Egg. It reminds me I still have one on the desk right behind me. Too early in my day for that!

Karen said...

I have had a deep fried Cadbury Egg. It was good - but odd. I don't think I would have another one.

That lamb is smaller than the baby! Ouch

Gina R said...

Aww, thanks for sharing your spare time with us Tracy! ^_^ AS for the post...whoa, that is one BIG baby, OMG on the pyro squirrel, and Micro Lamb is SO cute!

Jean said...

Ouch - that baby doesn't just bring tears to the eyes but tears to the vagina!

I never was a fan of the Creme Egg - the centre has always been way too sweet for me - but it's a must have for the rest of the family... but not deep fried or as a drink.

carol said...

I love cadbury cream eggs, but I think I'll have to skip the cocktail.

Stephanie@Fairday's Blgo said...

What a HUGE baby! Wow! I used to like cream eggs, but now I just prefer the mini-eggs by Cadbury.

I love that little sheep. Not about to follow him on twitter- but he is too cute. :)

Thanks for sharing these stories.

Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

I think I would feel a little cheated if I gave birth to a baby that size. It would be like missing out on those tiny baby days completely and being handed a six month old baby! I kept waiting for him to start crawling and talking, when they showed the article and the interview with the parents on TV.

Me, I would much prefer that sweet micro lamb, much more manageable and cute looking!

I have a intense fear of water, so your article about the Amsterdam ferry has completely put me off ever contemplating a trip, or a driving holiday in Europe!

A great fun round up of the weeks news, as always.

Thanks, Yvonne

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Cadbury eggs... *shudder* :P Don't know if I'd like the liquor one...

Oh and that lamb is SO cute! *pets lamb* Awww....

Suko said...

All the news that's fit to print, and then some! Squirrels who start fires, BIG BIG babies, a teeny, tiny lamb, an insanely short cruise stop, and a new way to drink yourself to boozy obesity....what will we think of next?!

So many books, so little time said...

Lol I love seeing all your finds, the baby and eggs though *shudders* How cute is the wee lamb <3

Lainy http://www.alwaysreading.net

Hope you had a lovely easter

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Woah, that is a LOT of calories. I'm not tempted at all...I don't drink alcohol, but even if I did, I think I'd still stick with the traditional Cadbury chocolate eggs. They are yummy.

That little sheep is adorable! Oh gosh!!