3 Apr 2013


So, did you guess which of Monday's statements were true and which not?

What do you mean you didn't stop by on Monday?

Well do so now before reading any further.

That's better, I'll start again .......

So, did you guess which of Monday's statements were true and which not?

  • True: 
1. A firm believer in Andrews Salts as a cure for just about every ailment (and then some) its true my grandad did kill our ill goldfish when he tried to cure it by adding this to its bowl.
3. Not a tall-tale I've only been to Berwick twice and both times I ended up in hospital. The first time as a child on holiday with my family I developed a severe ear infection resulting in a dangerously (and I mean Dangerously) high temperature. Then as an adult I spent what should have been a romantic birthday treat in Berwick Infirmary with a severely infected toe that required surgery.
4. Not as bad as it sounds but tis true, I did spend the night in a 'cell' in Poland. On a youth exchange we had an overnight stay in a nunnery where I and the other female leader were given a room in a cell, the name for a nun's room, for the night.

  • False:
2. False, I don't have a middle name.
5. It's a lie. Whilst I have done many things to raise money for charity spending 24 hours in a bath full of cold baked beans wasn't one of them.

With regard to THIS LINK to the April Fools jokes to be found in the various newspapers - it seems I fell for an April Fools Day prank myself, well done the Metro. 

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Jean said...

I believe I got it right! Yay me!

I'm so glad you do NOT have those initials and that you didn't have to sit in a tub of baked beans. That would have been a waste of good beans wouldn't it? Yuck

Kelly said...

This was fun! At least I was right about one of them.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

That's crazy you were in the hospital the only two times you where there. I wouldn't want to go back!

And very interesting you don't have a middle name. My initials are LAB. :)


Yvonne@fiction-books said...

Hi Tracy,

I must have missed that post, but I went back and checked it out and I wouldn't have got three out of five correct!

Talking about the 'kill or cure' goldfish remedy ... Dave did give one of our Koi Carp mouth to mouth and heart massage, after it had managed to jump out of the pond and became stranded on the patio for several minutes before we noticed. Happily, after Dave sitting up with it for half the night, it did survive and is now 12 years old and very large.

That is honestly not an April Fool's story.

The weather looks a little more springlike today, although the wind is penetratingly icy.


Melissa (Books and Things) said...

LOl What a fun post! I don't think I would do the baked beans either. :D

Suko said...

Thank you for revealing the truths. I couldn't imagine you surrounded by baked beans!!

Sandy M. said...

So glad for you that you didn't have to spend 24 hours sitting in baked beans! A cell in Poland would have been much nicer :)

Heather said...

I did think the first one was so far fetched, that it must have been true, but then again, i thought the tub of baked beans was too good to have been made up.

Gina R said...

Ha! So April Fool's Day fun was had all around. ^_^ Love it. Thanks Tracy!

Jinky said...

That was fun even though I got it wrong!! You'll have to do this again. :)

Dizzy C said...

Middle names are not all that.
My middle name is Ann. I always say that parents who cannot come up with a middle name go for Ann LOL