18 Dec 2012


Apologies>>>> Sorry that this Media Monday post is a day late and that I've haven't been stopping by your blogs as much as I usually do.
Though our legal battle continues thankfully our heating and hot water has been restored after all almost five month without but as this proved a longer job than expected I have been away from home (and the computer) for a lengthier period than was anticipated. 
Looking forward to catching up with you all really soon, PW <<<<

How amazing is this?
Hedgehogs are the eye-catching design council architects have dreamed up for the roundabouts at the Lesmahagow M74 slip road. More

I spy ..... a giant duck?
City workers and tourists did a double take as a giant 50ft-tall rubber duck sailed up the Thames.
The bright yellow duck, weighing half a ton, looked quite at home amongst the shiny towers of the City as it set sail on its mission to make people laugh in the capital as it was launched to publicise a new £250,000 bursary designed to encourage people in the UK to have more fun. More

Online Mog blog?
A postman is recording all the cats he encounters on his morning round in a 'mog blog'.
Gareth Lewis, 42, started documenting the cats he meets across Wimbledon in September and has noted more than 60 so far.
On his “STREET MOGS” blog, he captures each one on camera, assigning them a street name based on location and an imaginative nickname. Some recent examples include Fig Roll, 50 Cent, Bovril and Jean Luc. More

And talking of our feline friends ...... cat burglars #1 ......
Milo,the cat pinched 26 sets of keys using her magnetic collar.
The locals of Stoke Newington, North London, were baffled by the thefts until Milo's human Kirsten Alexander saw keys stuck to the moggie's magnetic collar which triggers a catflap. More

And #2......
Police spent £2000.00 sending a van and two officers to investigate Pebbles the cat after Dorothy Howling-Neame, 75, of Folkestone, Kent, called the authorities to report her neighbours’ Bengal had broken into her house through a cat flap and stolen a cooked chicken. More

And whilst on the topic of chickens, how EGGstraodinary is this?
Nice Pecks 2013, a calendar produced by the Happy Egg Company, will be ruffling feathers with hens, who are said to feel calmer and safer in the presence of cockerels, after more than 100 cockerels ‘auditioned’ to have their photo taken in a series of seductive and alluring poses by fashion photographer Nathan Pask. Among them were cockerels in a bath full of bubbles and surrounded by rose petals. More

Puss Goat In Boots ......
Maisie, a twelve year old goat, has been forced to wear children's wellington boots after contracting hoof rot.
Staff at the Maria's Animal Shelter, Probus, Cornwall, where she lives have done their best to help her keep up a stylish look, as they have decked her out with an eye-catching set of pink wellies. More

School kids have been banned from singing a song about a drunken gran being killed by Santa's reindeer ...... after one parent complained.
Teachers wanted to feature the 1970's novelty hit (and Husband dearest's favourite Christmas song) Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer in the Christmas concert but one mum claimed they were too upsetting for seven year olds. More


NRIGirl said...

Absolutely loved every one of them Tracy! Thank you!

anilkurup said...

I love your Monday post and doesn't matter much if it is a day late.

The grandma song may be not in good taste for Xmas, I suppose.

GMR said...

We miss you Tracey but will be here when you're back. ^_^ AS for the post...OMG on the size of that rubber duckie! *-*

Heather said...

Great way to start the morning. Thanks Tracey.

StarTraci said...

So sorry you have had such struggles, my friend. A day late but not a bit short. A great collection -- the big duck made our news, too.

And the banned Grandma song cracks me up!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Heard about the huge duckie. Too cute. Love the hedgie sculpture as well.

Oh the song... I bet it was more upsetting to the parent than the kids. :D

Kelly said...

I had no idea of the problems you've been having. Hope everything is resolved soon.

I LOVE the hedgehog sculpture!

Had to laugh at the goat in the wellies. The goats we use to own would have eaten them!

Suko said...

Fun "Monday" post today! I'll bet you were instrumental in getting those hedgehogs in roundabouts!

Cherie Reich said...

Wow! That's a big rubber duck. And love the cat snatching the keys! :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

That giant duck is great- never a bad idea to have a bit more fun in life.

The key stealing cat is kind of adorable too. :)

Jenners said...

Oh this was a great collection … worth the wait! I don't think there was a bad story in the bunch.

And I'm glad your water/heat and whatnot is back.

naida said...

Hi Tracy, I hope everything is resolved! Glad you got your heating and hot water back.

Alexia561 said...

So glad that you've finally got your heat and hot water back! Was worried about you with the weather getting colder!

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

Sorry about the legal battle! Loved the Media Monday. :) That goat in boots is too cute- though I am not sure if it is comfortable.