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19 Dec 2012


Thought this might be fun ......... 

Can you match the tree to the price? 






  1. £500.00
  2. £100.00
  3. £1000.00
  4. £50.00
  5. £10.00

The actual prices .....

A = £50.00
B = £10.00
C = £1000.00
D = £500.00
E = £100.00


Dizzy C said...

Was completely wrong on several of them. Knew 2nd one was not very dear.


Arti said...

I thought that the third one would be the costliest as it was the most decorated!! They are all beautiful though!
Have a wonderful week ahead Tracy :)

R. Ramesh said...

wish i could r u tracy....keep the cheers..wishes

Kelly said...

I would have guessed "C" as the priciest in that it was the fullest, most natural-looking tree, but still...amazing what people will pay!

carol said...

I thought D would be the most expensive. Have a Merry Christmas!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I also thought D would be the most expensive. I liked E for the simplicity too.

naida said...

Merry Christmas Tracy!
I like that last tree best.

Alexia561 said...

Crazy that people will pay that much for a tree!

Suko said...

Fun post today! I was not good at the matching....

NRIGirl said...

D is my favorite! Looks worth every penny!
Merry Christmas Tracey! Have you put up the tree yet?

Heather said...

But none of the trees has a skirt. Hi Tracey, this week I have a post that I am hoping you can join in. Instead of a Needlework Tuesday post, I have a Gallery of Christmas Tree Skirts and have been inviting my readers to join in by writing a post about their tree skirt, posting it on their blog and then linking up with me. it can be a post from a previous holiday or a new one. Looking forward to seeing your tree and tree skirt.

ps. you don't have to include the cost of the tree. :)

Stephanie@Fairday's Blog said...

I didn't do so well, but it was fun trying! So many different types of trees. :)

GMR said...

Guessed right on one or two...isn't it curious how sometimes the best looking trees can be made/decorated in the least expensive ways? Fun post!