15 Oct 2012


Remember the article (2/10/2012) about the man who planned to cross the Irish Sea in what looked like a hamster wheel?
Chris Todd admitted defeat in his attempt to cross the Irish Sea as bad weather sank his giant metal water wheel.
12 hours after he set out on a calm sea from Trearddur Bay, north Wales, both rudders broke off and the vessel foundered as he ran into winds. More

Ponycon - The horse show with a difference .....
The tails are brushed to perfection, the tack is gleaming, the competition is fierce - but this is a horse show with a difference.
At Ponycon 2012, held at the Long Eaton Novotel in Derbyshire the mane attractions are plastic as every year hundreds of My Little Pony fans meet to trot out their treasured toys.
You would imagine this would be a big draw for little girls but nearly all of those attending are quite big girls, and some like Marco Platé (pictured left), not girls at all.
Marco, 38, has more than 2,000 Ponies, his favourite being Takara a limited edition from Japan worth £5,000. More

You thought he was barking? How about this man?
Dan Knowlton (41) has spent thousands of pounds buying Cabbage Patch Kid dolls which were a huge hit in the 1980's.
Having devoted three rooms of his house to the collection of 600 dolls, Dan spends hours a week changing their outfits and dusting their furniture. More

The fastest pram daftest dad in the Midlands?
A lazy new dad has built the world's fastest motorised pram to save the effort of having to push it - but its too powerful to go at top speeds with his baby son.
Plumber Colin Furze (33), of Stamford, Lincs, has added a powerful engine to the silver metal pushchair which gives it an incredible top speed of 50mph. More
Warning: Not recommended as particularly safe, as Colin himself admits 'It is really unstable when it goes at top speed and if you hit a rough bit of road you are in danger of falling off' ....... not to mention the danger to the baby, eh, Colin? PW

And now for the ........ fashion show with a difference.
It may shock some traditionalists but vicars have taken to the catwalk to model the latest fashions in clergy robes.
The modelling ministers are showing off the latest designs at an annual Christian event nicknamed The Ideal Church Show. More

Anyone for a spot of‘crochetdermy'?
Leicester artist Shauna Richardson has pioneered the art of ‘crochetdermy' - using crochet to build life-size animals. More

Yet another case of 'elf and safety' gone mad?
It may be hard to swallow, but that hasn't stopped one sports firm warning that a football bigger than an adults head could be a potential choking hazard to young children. 
Confused mum Jo Bird did a double take after spotting the warning stamp on the side of her daughter Lili Alexander's Premier League-sized football. More

 Now its the turn of my top story of the week - Its official, not only do plants love Geordie accents but our dulcet tones mean they grow more quickly.
Horticultural expert Chris Bonnett spent the summer researching which accent plants respond best to, with the Geordie drawl claiming top spot.
The gardener started by isolating different groups of plants before his team spoke to them everyday in different accents.
'After just a few weeks we started to see differences emerging with the Geordie and Welsh groups shooting up while the Chelsea and Mancunian plants seemed to particularly struggle.' More

Still making its presence felt .....
For more than a year Paul and Jeanette Henry were driven round the bend by a mystery 'beep' in their home.
It went off every 30 seconds, 24 hours a day, every day without fail, and try as they might, they couldn’t find the source.
They called in an electrician to do tests and to cut off all the power, to no avail.
In desperation they paid a builder £300 to smash holes in the plasterboard walls of their home in Frinton, Essex. He found nothing. 

Finally they found the culprit, a long forgotten smoke alarm with a failing battery...inside a wooden stationery box. More


NRIGirl said...

Those beeping gadgets could be so annoying - especiallly the alarm clocks growing louder every second.

Enjoyed every single post, okay not so much the motorized stroller or that insensitive Dad.

Alexia561 said...

Another great post! The stories about the My Little Pony competition and Cabbage Patch Kid collecter are a little odd. Why would adult men be interested in these? Crochetdermy is odd too. And love the hidden smoke alarm!

Amrit said...

OMG. So funny. Great collection once more. It is been a while I read these. Absolutely brilliant picks.

Patti said...

Those are so funny. I love the guy with the high powered pram, good thing he doesn't put a baby in there.

Kelly said...

Awww..I'm sorry to hear the floating hamster wheel thingie didn't make it.

I find the Cabbage Patch Doll and My Little Pony stories rather odd.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Heh... I could see so many guys making that carriage go fast like that.

What a fun collection of stories.

Suko said...

This Mostly Men Media post is, mmm... mighty magnificent. How marvelous that the mysterious beep was finally silenced!

John McElveen said...

Laughing myself silly! The Hamster Wheel man has obviously never watch Hamsters! They get NOWHERE just like he did! Shoulda burned Cabbage Patch dolls as fuel!


naida said...

oh how funny! That dude does not look like he collects My Little Pony...lol. That's a tad creepy actually.
And cool about the crochetdermy, but also kind of scary because of the teeth. I used to love Cabbage Patch dolls! Again, that's some great collection, yet odd at the same time.
Great post!

Alyce said...

I have got to show my youngest the My Little Pony thing - he'll be horrified! :) He thinks My Little Ponies are the absolute worst toy a boy could get as a present. The article about the beep - kind of funny and sad at the same time.

DMS said...

That beep would have driven me mad! I am also in shock about the Cabbage Patch dolls. I can't believe he changes their outfits too. I had one back in the 80s and it wore the same outfit all the time. Maybe I was a bad "adoptive parent". Entertaining articles- as always.

GMR said...

Too funny! Most shocking is the dolls though....change/dust over 300 each week? Oye! Better not mention I have two from when I was a kid.

anilkurup said...

The novel fashion show and cat walk for the Vicars is what I like the most

Mamakucingbooks said...

amused reading the amazing stories. :)

Btw, I have just finish a book that you have read June this Year. Agree with you, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, is a wonderful book

Betty Manousos said...


hilariously hilarious!
thanks for the giggles:)


Jenners said...

I'd love to hear the mom's point of view on that speedy buggy! And I love the giant crocheted animals!