2 Jul 2012


Double-decker bus turned into home.
Property developer Daniel Bond (28) spent four months and £11,000 turning a neglected bus into a luxury two-bedroomed home complete with tv lounge, bar, bathroom, toilet and kitchen. More

Now that's what I call using your loaf*.....
This is the world's first knife with a heated blade, designed to solve the age old problem of spreading cold butter.
A button on the handle heats the knife to 41.8 degrees Celsius — which has been proven to be the optimum butter-spreading temperature. More

A student with a fear of buttons is having counselling after wearing clothes with only zips.
Hannah Matthews, 21, panics when faced with the fastenings and runs away if they are near her. More

13 months, 5,000 miles, 42 cathedrals.
English heritage worker Lawrence Edmonds (26) has visited 42 of England's Anglican cathedrals - and licked every one in order to win a pub bet. More

And talking of the House of God ......
Two Sunderland residents spotted Jesus as they picked up a Chinese takeaway.
Formed by peeling paint and dirt on the shop’s door, the pair snapped the likeness and showed it to their friends who agree that it certainly looks as if the Messiah has taken up residence. More

Now for something eggtremely eggciting ........
Hundreds of egg-streme sports enthusiasts from all over the world descended upon the Lincolnshire hamlet to take part in the fiercely contested World Egg Throwing Championships. 
Taking part in events such as Russian Egg Roulette, Egg Trebuchet and the World Target Throwing with Accuracy Challenge competing teams raised money for a host of charities. More

And talking of eggs ......
Over 100 Coldstream guards have broken the world record for the most people dipping toasted soldiers into eggs. More

I've never known a storm like it - LighTYNEing strikes Newcastle's Tyne Bridge.
On Thursday (28th June) Newcastle was hit by a torrential storm which caused devastation within the city and beyond with major roads left unpassable, buses and the metro cancelled (it took Husband dearest almost 3 hours to get home, a metro journey that normally takes 8 minutes), houses an shops flooded.More

Saying pIe do with an unusual cake.
Fruit cake, sponge cake, cheesecake and profiteroles have all been piled into towers to create wedding cakes.
But when Tom and Bryony Disbury married earlier this month, they approached Lincolnshire pork pie makers Adams and Harlow to conjure up the perfect pork pie wedding cake instead.
The result was a five-tiered 'cake' of pork, chicken and pies, each hand-crimped around the edges and decorated with ribbons and flowers. More

* One of the sayings used by my nana, it's actually cockney slang: using your loaf, loaf = bread so literally using your head, in other words thinking.


Dizzy C said...

The lightening was spectacular.

I missed ur joke day, sorry. :(
I did not get to laptop at all yesterday.

carol x

Kelly said...

Wow - that lighting show is quite impressing!!

I love the decked out bus at the top, too. :)

naida said...

Fabulous about that lighting.
But that wedding cake is definitely "off" lol. Great post Tracy!

ashok said...

great lighting show!

Heather said...

love the story about the bus. I wouldn't be surprised if that fellow has created himself a new career and he has people lining up to hire him to do renovate a bus for them

GMR said...

Hmm, let's see....interesting house, crazy but cool idea for the butter knife. weird on the "licking" bet *-*, whoa on the lightning strike! That's incredible...and scary.

Fairday Morrow said...

Wow! Look at that lightning! Always a beautiful show from afar. I always find unique houses so fascinating. Not sure if I could live in the double decker bus, but it is cool!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

I don't know about living in it, but I'd totally sleep overnight in that bus. And that heating knife is awesome! one of those "why didn't I think of that?" type of inventions. LOL


Melissa (Books and Things) said...

That lightening! Oh and I don't think I could live in that bus.

Pork pie? Well, I hope they enjoyed it!

The Golden Eagle said...

Wow. I would not want to have been on that bridge when the lightning hit!

Blond Duck said...

How can you be scared of buttons?

Suko said...

I never heard of button phobia before!

I'm glad your husband made it home safely albeit slowly. I've seen "electric storms" back east and they can be quite dramatic and perhaps dangerous.

I wonder if "The Cake Boss" could make such a meaty cake for carnivores....

Excellent, entertaining Monday post, as usual!!

Lawrence said...

now I know what "Koumpounophobia" is.

that lightning looks spectacular. but considering the devastation it brings, it lessens the beauty of such.

Alexia561 said...

Loved the revamped bus, as it's probably just as comfortable as an apartment! And I like the idea of the warm knife, as I sometimes run a knife under warm water before spreading cake frosting, so why not use it to spread cold butter?

Glad that the husband made it home safe and sound!

John McElveen said...



Betty Manousos said...

the lighting show was impressive!

interesting story about the bus,
loved your post!

big hugs!