23 Jun 2012


  • The bag of peanuts which contains the warning that the packet might contain nuts.
  • The baby buggy (stroller to my friends across the pond) that warns "Caution: Remove infant before folding for storage'.
  • The iron that strongly advises that the user does not actually iron the garment whilst wearing it.
  • 'Warning! May cause drowsiness' - the label found on a box of herbal sleeping tablets.
  • The Christmas tree lights that caution they are only suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The tub of fish food that reminds us the contents are not fit for human consumption.
  • And my favourite...... The label on a child's Superman costume that warned that the wearing of the garment did not enable the child to fly.
Unbelievable but true.

Yes, today's post is all about the wonderful world of (drum roll please)

'Elf 'N' Safety'

And just when you thought it couldn't get any sillier along come these warnings.

  • Blu-Tack banned from school windows after officials worried that the adhesive gum combined with a window could cause the glass to shatter.
  • Hanging Baskets only allowed if they were first checked by a structural engineer to make sure the lamp post to which they were to be attached were strong enough.
  • Irons and ironing boards to be removed as users could get burned.
  • A Historical re-enactment society was told they would have to be tested on their slicing skills before they were allowed to prepare vegetables as part of their act.
  • A school was ordered to carry out a 'risk assessment' before serving tea at a fete.


Jeannie said...

I really think there should be a common sense law which excludes from liability anything that a half sane person is capable of understanding without warning.

anilkurup said...

Indeed sometimes things are done to ridiculous extent

Betty Manousos said...

this made me literally lol!
thank you:)


Kelly said...

Funny, but also sad to a certain extent as they reflect our ridiculously litigious society. I'm a big believer in using common sense, though I realize many people don't have a drop of it.

Katie Edwards said...

My friend wasn't allowed to make as much as a cup of tea in her job until she'd completed some sort of food preparation course. I don't know if it was because she was under 18 at the time, or because she was unqualified but either way, it made my mind boggle.

joan said...

great yes it worked and gave me a laugh, just seen your"long time no post" comment on my blog, aren't i glad that I've done something about it, thanks for thinking about me

naida said...

Lol! Sadly some people have little common sense and they need these warnings :)
(I swore I'd stay off the Internet today, but I couldn't help stopping over here for a bit)

Kalyan said...

That surely was nice reading to lighten things off.

ashok said...


joan said...

hi botheration again, sorry you cant leave a message , checked my settings and they seem ok, thanks for fb

Nikki-ann said...

Mind you, some people don't have any common sense at all... I suspect all these warnings are for them! :D

Fairday Morrow said...

Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with people that these kinds of warnings are necessary. I know it because their are so many lawsuits- but seriously. If you order something called peanuts, there will be nuts. If you order coffee or tea it doesn't need to say it is hot- isn't that part of the reason someone ordered it? Always a good laugh to see what labels are out there!

The Golden Eagle said...

Funny. Though kind of sad to think people actually tried doing some of those things. :P

Amrit said...

Cannot stop laughing. SO funnyyyyyyy