25 Jun 2012


First things first ..... 
Remember the Vampire Slaying Kit featured two weeks ago in my Media Monday post? (If not check it out HERE) Well, it has just made seven and a half thousand pound at auction.

Reminds me of the joke ...... 'Dogtor', 'Dogtor', I think I'm a pair of curtains.
Oh for goodness sake, pull yourself together man!
Consulting the family pet before a big job interview or important life decision is something many Brits will hold their hand up to.
But those who don't have a commiserating kitty or compassionate canine of their own can now indulge in one-on-on therapy sessions with a doggy psychiatrist. 
The wacky solution comes off the back of a survey that claims a whopping 85 per cent of all cat and dog owners talk to their animals about relationships, work, family and finance. More

Talk about slapstick, this actress is certainly in need of a dogtor doctor .....
An actress playing Mrs Twit lived up to her character's name  - when she ended up in hospital after getting hit in the face with a kettle.
Lizzy Dive suffered mild concussion when a mock fight scene went wrong during an open-air production of Roald Dahl’s comedy book The Twits.
She dodged a frying pan wielded by her onstage husband Mr Twit but failed to get out of the way of the kettle that followed. More 

But not nearly as much as this thief in my article of the week .....
A bungling raider was injured after dropping five stone (70lbs) of frozen doner kebab meat on his foot.
Footage shows that the crooks ignored the shop’s expensive computer equipment – and a till full of cash – targeting the huge mass of meat instead.
Raw shish kebabs, samosas and a 10kg container of raw marinated chicken was also taken during the robbery. More

And from kebabs to ice cream.
If your ice cream isn't weird and wacky then its just not cool.
Mustard, chocolate and rosemary, grilled sweetcorn, cigar-smoked caramel, parsnip and wasabi, smoked olive oil and black pepper are just some of the flavours available at various outlets across the country. More

And yet more ice cream ......
An ice cream man earns some extra 'lolly' - by opening his van for business while stuck in a traffic  jam.
Sweating drivers flocked to buy treats from his hatch between junctions ten and 11 of the M25 near Chertsey, Surrey.
Motorist Fraser Simms, 40, said: “I was stunned when I saw what he was doing. All the traffic had come to a halt and it was roasting hot. Good on him — he got a good 20 minutes of trade.” More 

Feline proud!
A feisty cat has been employed to do a dog's job after taking up a security post at a toy warehouse.
Millie the Bengal cat, thought to be the world's first ever feline security guard, has been hired to guard some of the UK's best-selling toy ranges. More

Not exactly what they were expecting to see ..... Members of Cheshire police force were on the receiving end of a shocking surprise when they were confronted by an alligator having a bath on a recent cannabis raid.
From the outside, it looked just like a normal suburban semi, but when the police raided the three-bedroom family home they weren’t expecting to find something altogether deadly lurking in the bathroom.
A 2.4m (8ft) alligator splashing around in the bath is what ‘greeted’ officers acting on a tip-off about a cannabis factory. More

Your anniversary or a football match?
Fly out to for the Euro 2012 football quarter-finals or stay at home to celebrate your anniversary with your partner?
This was the difficult decision that one man known only as Chris had to make. And if this banner, slung over a busy duel carriageway in Birmingham, is anything to go by Chris didn't choose very wisely. More

And last but not least ..... this weeks cute animals.

  • Hallelujah! Squirrel captured in divine pose as he reaches to the heavens. More
  • No-one likes standing around in the rain and it appears Leo the lemur isn't too fond of it either after taking shelter under an umbrella which he stole from a visitor at Dudley Zoological Gardens. More
  • This two-day-old baby hedgehog is in a prickly situation as she waits for her mother to recover from a gardening accident. The newborn, called Honey, is in safe hands as she is looked after by animal welfare officers at Withington Hedgehog Hospital Trust in Manchester who appealed that householders tackling their summer lawns should be wary of the dangers garden tools posed to wildlife. More

  • Mugly by name, ugly by nature ...... British dog wins title of World's Ugliest Dog. More


Dizzy C said...

Morning Tracy

Thanks for another round of news articles. I love em.

The sign for the footie fan is great!

Ouch to the kettle story.


NRIGirl said...

Thank you Tracey! Sure, Mugly does look ug...

Kelly said...

Loved seeing so many animal stories this week and so many cute pictures to go with them. I've never seen a hedgehog that tiny!!!

olmpic station park said...
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Suko said...

Hi, Petty, I am back in time to enjoy your Monday tidbits. So much here, but I will limit my comments.

I like to think that I have a fairly sophisticated palette, but some of those ice cream flavors sound positively disgusting (such as the kind made with pig's blood). I wouldn't scream for these ice creams....

That tiny hedgehog is too adorable for words!!

....Petty Witter said...

Too good to last - the spammers are being very clever and terribly sneaky by making it look like they have a blog when what they are doing is advertising so I make no apologies in deleting their comments.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Aw... I always talk to my puppers. Also those animals all look so cute! Even the "ugly" one!

Oh and Chris... bad form man! *tsk tsk*

Alyce said...

So many great stories there. Very cute baby hedgehog!

Blond Duck said...

Why would you steal raw chicken?

Love that little hedgehog!

Jeannie said...

Thanks, I needed a smile!

Amrit said...

Hahah. As usual an excellent funny collection for Monday though my Monday is done....:))) Sorry for being late.

Mamakucingbooks said...

LOL cant help laughing

Betty Manousos said...

those were all hilarious!

you made me laugh until my jaw ached!


anilkurup said...

The same comment that is reserved for your Monday postings. Great picks! The feline security shows that there is outsourcing going on .

Lawrence said...

Doggy psychiatrist, what???

that baby hedgehog is kinda cute. lol

ashok said...

your posts are a real breather at the end of a tired day...

naida said...

These posts always make me smile. Mugly is soooo cute!!!
and awwww about the baby hedgehog.
lol I am slightly guilty about talking to Diego about my workday. He's a good listener!

GMR said...

A dogtor...well they do listen and give their opinion, sorta. Can't say I'd pay for a session though...LOL. OMG on the strange ice cream flavors...I believe I'll stick with Vanilla or perhaps my favorite Black Raspberry. *-* As for the cutie animals, Mugley's not ugly, he has personality! (and the hedgehog baby is too precious!)