10 Apr 2012


Better safe than sorry ........

POLICE BREAK INTO CAR TO RESCUE STUFFED TOY. Two police officers broke into a car to save a dog they feared was overheating inside, only to find it was a cuddly toy.
The PCs, who became concerned about the “sleeping” animal after being alerted by a member of the public, attempted to wake it from the back seat of parked car.
When it would not be roused, they smashed the window of the Mercedes coupe fearing it would be harmed in the 18C temperatures.
It was only when they reached inside to rescue the King Charles Spaniel that they realised it was merely a stuffed cuddly toy worth £4.50. 

SNAKE THAT IS IN FACT A DRAUGHT EXCLUDER. A woman called in the Scottish Society For The Protection Of Cruelty To Animals (SPCA) after finding what she thought was a 5ft snake in her loft - but it turned out to be a lookalike draught excluder (pictured to the left). - BBC News (03/04/2012)

(Lego) bricks and mortar water ....... 

HARRY GETS A NEW HOUSE. As most people struggle to keep a roof over their heads, one lucky Brit has managed to land a multi-coloured pad for free.
Harry the hermit crab hasn't even had to shrimp and save like the rest of us, he was given his new Lego house.
Hermit crabs lack their own body - so often protect themselves by hiding in nearby shells and so when bosses at Legoland in Windsor noticed Harry chose brightly coloured Lego bricks instead of regular shells in his pond they decided to build a Lego home for him. - Conor Sheils, The Mirror (02/04/2012)

After last weeks TREE-MU, today it's the turn of ET, the Extra TREE-estrial ......

ALIEN SPOTTED IN TREE TRUNK. Luckily for anyone of a nervous disposition walking through this village in Suffolk on a dark night, this creatures bark (tree/bark - get it?) is definitely worse than its bite.
Have you twigged what it is yet?
A tree on the edge of Badwell Ash has proved an unusual location for a UFO sighting, with some observers claiming that the knotted trunk resembles the figure of an alien. - Rob Leigh, The Mirror (03/04/2012)

What a CATastrophe!

SNOWBALL SCARES OFF POSTIES. Frightened postal workers have been banned from delivering letters to one notoriously hazardous address after being repeatedly 'attacked' by a three-year-old cat called Snowball.
Following a thorough investigation the Royal Mail has stopped its workers from delivering mail to the address after labelling the black and white moggy a 'health and safety risk'. - Mark Molloy, The Metro (04/04/2012)


BURGLARS CAUGHT BY SECURITY CAMERAS THEY HAD INSTALLED. Four burglars have been jailed after a CCTV system they installed at one of their own homes filmed them carrying stolen goods back from a robbery.
The dozy quartet were seen getting out of a car wearing latex gloves and the carrying the jewellery. One was also captured putting empty boxes into a wheelie bin outside the property in Armley, Leeds, West Yorks. - The Telegraph (05/04/2012)

There to help ....... But not with 'ludicrous' enquiries.

BRITS WASTING EMBASSY TIMEBritish nationals are apparently wasting embassy time with "ludicrous" enquiries about lost false teeth, runny jam and plastic surgery problems, William Hague (Foreign Secretary) has revealed.
Listing some of the "bizarre demands" of expats and tourists, the Foreign Secretary urged people not to stretch scarce consular resources.
"This is obvious, you may think. But nonetheless it came as a surprise to the caller in Spain who was having difficulty finding somewhere to have Christmas  lunch.
"If you are having difficulty erecting a new chicken coop in your garden in Greece as someone else was, I am afraid that we cannot help you.
"Equally, I have to say that we are not the people to turn to if you can't find your false teeth, if your sat nav is broken and you need directions, if you are unhappy with your plastic surgery, if your jam won't set, if you are looking for a dog-minder while you are on holiday, if your livestock need checking on, if you would like advice about the weather, or if you want someone to throw a coin into the Trevi fountain for you because you forgot while you were on holiday and you want your marriage to succeed." - ITN News (05/04/2012)

Possibly my favourite article of the week .....

RUNAWAY TORTOISE FOUND. A missing tortoise has turned up alive and well - six months after she disappeared.
Thirty-five-year-old Terrie was tracked down less than 200 yards from her home by Wilson, an inquisitive two-year-old boxer dog, and his owners, Rachel and Carl Worsnip. - Jim Green, The Leader (06/04/2012)

 As always I will endeavour to bring you the links (marked in bold capitals) to articles I have used in my Media Monday posts but this is not always possible.


Betty Manousos@ CUT and DRY said...

tracy, these are all so interesting!

it sure looks like an alien...amazing!

wish you a great day from start to finish.

big hugs!

anilkurup said...

Interesting as usual. Shall we believe that the tortoise made 200 yards in one week?

Kimberly @ On the Wings of Books said...

Love these stories! The dog one was the best, nothing like saving a stuffed animal!

naida said...

Lol about the alien tree and little Harry ;p

Arti said...

Fantastic read. A great way to spend the evening reading there stories.
Loved the first one and the alien one the most!
Have a nice day Tracy:)

Kelly said...

I love that you made this a "theme" week - there are some really funny articles here! That must have been one life-like stuffed dog. I can't believe they didn't try to see if there was breathing movement before smashing in the window!

Mama Zen said...

That first story really cracked me up! I can picture that happening to me!

Alyce said...

Lots of fun stories here! My son wants a hermit crab so much, and he's really into legos too, so I'll have to share that one with him.

Suko said...

Each of these stories is so entertaining! The metro news guy is great (reminds me a bit of a cow sculpture in Cow Parade, La Jolla, "Digesting the News"), while the LEGO home is just too cute! We have a turtle who often escapes from her tank, even though it's up high and covered. Luckily, I have always managed to find her hiding in the house (knock on wood).

GMR said...

Aww, well at least the police were concerned, a lot more than can be said for some people...(the stuffed dog story). OMG on the lost tortoise though....I mean really, how far did they think they would get? ^_^

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Loved all the stories. Especially the crab one. So sweet that they did that. :)

StarTraci said...

Here in Texas, there have been cases of windows being broken over dolls in the back seat. It gets so hot that they are very quick to act.

I love that burglars were caught by their own cameras!

The tortoise is the best, however. Runaway and tortoise are not two words you expect to come together.


Sridharan said...

Interesting read, as usual, Petty...!

Dizzy C said...

Tricks of the mind causing chaos.

Thanks for these, Tracy

carol x

Melanie said...

Oh, I love the one about the dog. I would have loved to have been there for the moment when the police found out it was a stuffed animal.

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Oh man, I'm so glad it wasn't my car those cops broke into. lol. Great stories! Thanks for sharing these.

Jenners said...

These stories are always so fun.