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11 Apr 2012


MAX BYGRAVES's Daughter has appealed for fans to send him postcards because walking to collect mail is one of his few remaining pleasures as he battles Alzheimer's Disease.
The 89-year-old singer and comedian makes a daily walk to the letter box at Christine Green's home and would love to receive cards with messages from well-wishers which can be sent to .......

2120 Fernlea Close,
Hope Island 4212,

- The Telegraph, (April 2012)

To be honest I'm not sure that this article would even have registered with me a few years ago but I'm posting it today for two very personal reasons.

The first being that whenever I hear the name Max Bygraves mentioned I always think of Husband dearest's nana (Peggy) who is sadly no longer with us. To be found cooking the Sunday dinner every week, Max was often to be heard crooning away in the background, Peggy singing along with him.

The second reason, alas not such a happy one, our lives were recently touched with the cruel condition that is Dementia and so it is only now that I probably fully appreciate just how such a small thing as receiving a postcard can mean to someone so come on everyone please join me in sending a card to Max.

...... My favourite Max Bygraves's song, You're A Pink Toothbrush, I'm A Blue Toothbrush.


Blond Duck said...

Popped in to say hi! I love your blog! It's so cute!

R. Ramesh said...

thanks 4 yr consoling words tracy..and sorry for late reply.just returned to sharjah..will stay connected:) tc

Dizzy C said...

Have retweeted on twitter.


....Petty Witter said...

Nice to meet you Blond Duck, I appreciate you stopping by.

Good to have you back Ramesh, I was wondering how you were doing.

Thanks for that Dizzy, the more people to spread the word and send cards the better.

naida said...

That's nice of you to post this Petty. Dementia is such a sad illness, my grandmother suffered it. It's good to hang onto the little things in life that bring joy.

GMR said...

Moving post Tracy....I'll be certain to pass the word. Thank you for sharing...

Vivienne said...

This really upset me. I remember watching Max Bygraves on TV as a kid and it really brought tears to my eyes to find him like this now. I have retweeted the post on Twitter and hope to send a card. Thanks for making us aware.

Betty Manousos@ CUT and DRY said...

what a touching post, tracy.
thanks for making us aware.

big hugs to you!

Kelly said...

This is heartbreaking. My MIL had Alzheimer's and it's truly a devastating disease!

Suko said...

Cute song! Happy birthday to Max.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Had an uncle with dementia/Alzheimers. I think this is a fab idea. I've done it before when I used to do a lot of card crafting.

Mamakucingbooks said...

Thanks for highlighting this, Petty

Will do it

Heather said...

HI Tracy,by chance I was popping in today to tell you that you have won a postcard of a floral image by Mrs. Delany, just let me know what colour flower you would like to receive. Thanks for entering the contest at my blog. I will find another card to send off to Max.