26 Feb 2012


Whilst surfing the net I came across many strange UK laws which may be true or, yet again, may just be urban myths though in the case of those posted below I'm assured they have been verified by someone at the BBC as laws that have never been repealed even though statutes could have rendered them obsolete.

  • It is illegal to die within the Houses of Parliament. This is because any one doing so is technically entitled to a State funeral and the law is in place to make sure this does not happen. However a spokesman for the House of Commons said: "The people who know about these things say there is no basis for such a law,  though this is not to say it does not exist somewhere in writing."
  • Placing a stamp upside down on a letter is technically an act of treason.
  • In the 17th century Oliver Cromwell banned the eating of mince pies on Christmas day.
  • A pregnant woman is allowed to relieve herself anywhere she wishes.
  • According to the Metropolitan Police Act of1839  it is illegal to fire a cannon close to any dwelling house.
  • The driving of cattle through the streets of London is prohibited according to the Metropolitan Streets Act of 1867.
Click HERE to read more of this article which is dated November 2007.

And as for other laws that are believed to still be on the books today?

It is illegal to ........

  • Gamble in a library -The Library Offences Act of 1898.
  • Beat or shake a carpet or rug though doormats may be beaten if it is before 8Am - The Town Police Clauses Act of 1847.
  • Allow your pet to mate with a pet of the Royal household without permission. (This is an executable crime).
Apologies, I have somehow managed to delete the link to the post from which the above information was obtained. 

Want some more?

Well, I did find this little quiz - click HERE to take (Fingers crossed you'll be able to access it no matter where you are). 

Designed for UK citizens, I nevertheless think its a fun thing for you all to try, I mean to say goodness only knows when one might find ones self in England and not knowing what to do if one should catch a whale in British waters, I mean to whom does the tail legally belong?

Oh and do be sure to let us know your score. I got 4 out of 10.

PS For those of you wondering about the title ..... Would you Adam and Eve It is cockney rhyming slang for would you believe it.


Stepping Out of the Page said...

Wow - I can't believe some of these! I find reading strange facts very interesting though, so thank you for sharing :D

New to your blog,
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Dorte H said...

I knew about the law about pregnant women :)

Not quite a law, but many years ago, when some friends of ours bought their house, it stated in the deeds that the local vicar (my husband) had the right to fish in their brook AND receive a load of turf from them every year. Their solicitor asked them if they wanted it removed, but they thought it was too funny and left it there :)

We never got any fish, though, as there was no water in the brook.

Karen said...

I find it hilarious that a pregnant woman would be allowed to pee in the house of Parliament but she couldn't die there. lol

Kelly said...

Let's hope no pregnant women relieve themselves in the Houses of Parliament, thereby causing someone to have a fatal heart attack!

I know many of our states have antiquated laws that remain on the books...plus a few that aren't so antiquated, but still shouldn't be there! Ha!

themethatisme said...
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themethatisme said...

Well I must inform you dearest that as churchwarden I am required to organise archery practice for 10 men of the parish every Sunday afternoon and in case of plague do the rounds collecting the dead and marking the doors of infected houses. (See, I'm not at the club.)

Alexia561 said...

Sometimes you wonder how these laws ever passed in the first place! Thanks for sharing these Tracy, and how is archery practice going for Husband dearest?

StarTraci said...

Treason for an upside-down stamps, huh? That's pretty harsh but I do appreciate that a pregnant woman can take care of business wherever she likes.

I promise if I ever visit the House of Parliament, I won't die. Of course, if I break that promise, you can arrest me, I won't care.


Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

lol. I know here in the states there are some strange laws in a few states. Things created then long forgotten about. :) Thanks for sharing these

Sridharan said...

Ha.ha.. Loved it Petty..

Joseph Pulikotil said...

Very interesting information. It is time the authorities updated some out dated rules. Thanks for sharing.

Best wishes,

kavita said...

Funniest for me today is the Royal pet law .

GMR said...

Interesting post! I've run across lists on this side of the pond for old, out dated, or little known laws. Some are just too ridiculous! Oh...and I got 4 out of 10 on the quiz too! Not bad for a US resident.... ^_^

anilkurup said...

I tried a blind man's game and got 3/10.

Good pieces that you have compiled.

....Petty Witter said...

Many thanks for all your comments. Welcome to both Stephanie and Joseph.