27 Feb 2012


How sweet!

LOVE HEARTS INSPIRE ROMANCE. There must be something in the sugar-coated air at the Love Hearts factory, as the makers of the sweets have claimed their factory is the most loved-up workplace in the country.

Swizzels Matlow said one in four employees at its factory in Derbyshire was in a relationship with a co-worker, with 61 couples out of a workforce of 500.
The family firm said workers had even started their romance by sending each other personalised Love Hearts along the factory production line.
'All 61 couples met at work and now many are married, engaged or have children,' said the sweet firm's director Jeremy Dee. 'Love Hearts clearly inspire romance.'
The company makes two billion Love Hearts every year at 28p a pack, with the most common phrases being 'I love you'; 'Kiss Me'; 'First Love'; 'All mine'; and 'Just you'. - The Metro (12/02/2012)

And so from love hearts to love songs - now that's MOOsic to my ears.

A dairy farmer has made a compilation of love songs performed by his cows. Farmer Anthony Renwick used his smartphone to pick up live sounds before the noises were digitally enhanced.
Classic love songs such as 'Can't Help falling In Love' and 'I Just Called to Say I love You' are available to download on WWW.MOOTUNES.ORG - The Sunday Times (26/02/2012)

Move over Barbie and Ken. 

WILLS AND KATE TO BE IMMORTALISED AS BARBIE DOLLS. They depict the royal couple on their wedding day , with Kate wearing a lace white dress and veil inspired by the Alexander McQueen design she wore and William in his red Irish Guards uniform.The dolls, which are aimed at adult collectors, will be on sale from April to coincide with the pair's first anniversary but can be pre-ordered (on Amazon, priced £99.99) now. - Yahoo News (15/02/2012)

Now I've heard it all ........

GOATS HAVE DIFFERENT ACCENTS DEPENDING ON THEIR SURROUNDINGS. Goats can develop their own unique accents from their surroundings, a British study has suggested.
Researchers found the animals develop their own speaking voice when they move away from their siblings and mingle with others.
They found that a goats 'accent' changed as they grew older and moved in different groups, disproving claims that their voice was entirely genetic. - The Telegraph (16/02/2012)


COUNCIL SPENDS MONEY ON A BUS SHELTER WHICH ISN'T ON A BUS ROUTE. Commuters at this bus shelter will be waiting a long time after Durham County Council built the new stop on a road where there isn't even a route.
The cash-strapped organisation, which is in the midst of making cutbacks, splashed out over £5,000 to knock down the old brick bus stop and replace it with an improved version. 
The only problem is that buses no longer actually serve the route - and haven't done for over two years. - Mark Molloy, The Metro (16/02/2012)

There's no place like gnome ........

COMMUNITY DIVIDED BY BLUE GNOMES. A war of words has broken out in an upmarket town over a collection of bright blue gnomes designed to add a splash of colour to the community.
The ancient parish of Totnes in Devon is renowned for its high density of listed buildings and alternative, bohemian community.But the decision to adorn a roundabout with five blue gnomes, has caused a major sense of humour failure among residents - and even led to calls for the mayor to resign. - Richard Alleyne, The Telegragh (23/02/2012)

The rules are simple ...... hang on to the ball, oh, and try not to kill anyone.

THE ATHERSTONE BALL GAME. (First played 800 years ago) The Atherstone Ball Game is a free-for-all event which takes place along the town's Watling Street.
At 3:00pm every Shrove Tuesday, a heavy leather ball decorated with ribbons is thrown from the window of the town's branch of Barclays Bank and the game begins.The object of the game is simple.  Be the person holding the ball when the game finishes at 5:00pm, The rules even simpler ....... Don't kill anyone. - Simon Head, The Mirror (23/02/2012)

NB. As always I will endeavour to bring you the links (marked in bold capitals) to articles I have used in my Media Monday posts but this is not always possible.


Arti said...

Loved that bus shelter one the most! Its almost comical, but sad for the locals.
Have a wonderful week ahead Tracy:)

Alyce said...

These were so fun to read! The bus stop story is just sad, but I'd actually think it would be entertaining to see footage of that ball game. :)

Suko said...

The best part of Monday morning is your feature of odd but true stories!
I will "check out" the Mootunes for my cow blog!

Kelly said...

Of course I was drawn to your cow and goat stories. :)

Those blue gnomes look kinda like Smurfs!

Kelly said...

Btw... my blog posts often don't update in your sidebar, so I hope you click on my overall blog rather than individual posts when visiting.

naida said...

awww...about the Love Hearts :)

NRIGirl said...

Now I have heard it all too! Is that something - goats having 'accent'?!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I heard about the goat thing. I was wondering what prompted researchers to really investigate that. LOL

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Oh I do say, I love the barbie dolls of Will & kate. :)

Jenners said...

What great advertising for the candy factory!!

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

oh, i like those barbie dolls of will and kate.

dolls i'd love to have!


Alexia561 said...

Singing cows and goats with accents? Another great post! And I love the Will and Kate dolls, but not as much as the blue gnomes. Have a great week!