15 Jan 2012

IT TURNS OUT ........

........ I write like

 Kurt Vonnegut
1922 - 2007.

I seem to remember visiting this site before but on seeing it on Healthier And Wealthier's post, 'WHO DO YOU WRITE LIKE?' I just knew I had to visit the I WRITE LIKE site to find out, well, who I wrote like.

So, putting .......

"HER MOUTH'S ALWAYS IN GEAR, THOUGH HER BRAIN MAY BE IN NEUTRAL" Being largely confined to the house, and encouraged by Hubby, I've decided to give this blogging thing a go. Though mainly based around my love of books and silly jokes, there will, no doubt , be one or two other things thrown in as the fancy takes me so why not join me on my journey? You are all more than welcome, after all 'the more, the merrier."

in the random generator, I was told the author I wrote like was ..........

Any guesses?


Well, it turns out I write like KURT VONNEGUT, a writer apparently well known for his blend of satire, gallows humour and science fiction, who it seems wrote, amongst other things,

Hmm, not too bad a comparison, I certainly feel my posts are not without gallows humour, not sure about bitter irony though.

So come on, do tell, who do you write like?


anilkurup said...

Honestly, I would detest some one telling I like write some one. When, then I'm no myself, I have no self - good or bad.
I guess you write like you.
May be you must say that the gentleman wrote like you.

John McElveen said...

I read Slaughterhouse Five once every 1-2 years. It really influenced me early on in my reading! Great post gal!


Karen said...

Hi Petty - I couldn't find your mail so I'm contacting you here.

You won a free ebook copy of Tower of Parlin Min by Max Tell on my blog. It's a code for Smashwords where you can redeem the book. Email me for the code - fwiw.kea@gmail.com

Kelly said...

I remember doing this somewhere before, too. (heck, it might have been on my own blog!) Anyway...I tried it again using my Redneck Christmas post. It told me I write like William Gibson. I know I didn't get that result last time because this name (or any of his work) doesn't ring a bell with me!

I can see the connection between you and Kurt Vonnegut in some ways. I read Slaughterhouse Five, Breakfast of Champions, and a few others of his years ago.

GMR said...

Hmm, interesting comparison. I suppose I can see similarities as you pointed out. Pasted recent blog post and they came up with Harry Harrison...???. Oh well, tis all in fun. ^_^