9 Jul 2011


Yeah ..... Here's another quiz for you.

Awwww ...... Not being a perspective daughter-in-law OR a mother-in-law, perspective or otherwise, I can't  really answer the questions - or can I?

First things first though, have you heard about the e-mail sent by Carolyn Bourne to her daughter-in-law-to-be?


Basically after a visit to her perspective parents-in-laws home, Heidi Wither's received an e-mail from her soon-to-be mother-in-law accusing her of being ......

  • Uncouth
  • Rude
  • Graceless
  • A traumatiser of family dogs.
Having gone viral on the internet (I think that means a lot of people have viewed it)the latest information seems to suggest this was nothing more/nothing less than a hoax - it turns out Mr Bourne (the perspective father-in-law) is a major shareholder in a catering and event planning company that, amongst other events, plans weddings - a great PR stunt? Perhaps.

Anyway, back to the quiz (click HERE to take part) which comes in two parts, the first with questions for the perspective son OR daughter in law, the second for the perspective mother-in-law - hmm, no mention of the perspective father-in-law, I wonder why. Maybe because there are no jokes about him whilst there are countless about the mother-in-law who is traditionally seen as a dragon though I can't think why.

Ok, so I took part, answering the questions designed for the dragon mother-in-law-to-be. 

My score?

Need you ask? Of course it was mostly B's making me the hostess with the mostest, as Mary Poppins would say "Practically perfect in every way."

Oh and before I forget, my favourite mother-in-law joke ......

A woman woke her husband in the middle of the night and told him "there is a burglar downstairs in the kitchen and he is eating the cake that my mother made for us."
The husband said, "who shall I call, the police or an ambulance?"


animewookie said...

Ha!! Too cute...lol

NRIGirl said...

Loved that joke!

Misha said...

Lol at that joke!
Poor Heidi Wither (that is if the email was not a hoax)

Kelly said...

I loved that quiz, especially all the dog answers! Of course all my answers were Bs. I like to think my SIL finds me a reasonable woman. :)

Anonymous said...

Oops. I guess I can't use my google account anymore to comment since it references my Blogger profile. Hmm.. I've still got some things to figure out!

Su said...

Too funny! My in-laws are both lovely people: it's my hubby who has the weird in-laws!

Alexia561 said...

Poor Heidi! And the quiz was too funny! Loved your joke as well. My MIL was not a nice woman, but she was smart enough to not put anything in writting!

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I have heard of the letter. I do hope it was a hoax.

Loved the joke!

raji said...

The quiz link was intersting!i kept smiling throughout and tried figuring out which category do I fall into and I felt that I mostly fall not a or b .LOved the joke at the end,that's how the typical son in laws are !!!

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

I didn't take the test, but I think I would fail. ;D But from the daughter-in-law seat in the mother-in-law perspective, I don't think any would pass. he he he. Great post.

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

lol!! the mother in-law joke...priceless!

I have no in-laws!

big hugs
betty xx