12 Jan 2011


It's been a while since I climbed up onto my soap box* and had a really good rant but today I find myself
doing just that.

Though we are a household of non-drivers I'm not  anti-car  BUT I am anti-ignorant drivers - my pet hate being the driver who does not seem to know the purpose of the indicator. Actually make that the driver who parks on the kerb leaving no room for parents with pushchairs/wheelchair users to get past, forcing them to step out into the road. Oh, and then there's the driver who parks in the bay reserved for disabled drivers. Agggghhhhh.

And now there is something else for me to rant about........

Newcastle University researchers found that 31% of drivers were easily bored and therefore more likely to seek excitement by taking driving risks. These motorists were prone to speeding or overtaking.
The researchers said building more obstacles - such as by taking away kerbs so cars are more exposed to pavement hazards - might be the answer.

Whoa! 'So that CARS are more exposed to pavement hazards'? What about the pedestrian? I mean no kerbs may make it more interesting for all those easily bored drivers out there but it surely isn't going to make it any safer for Joe Public.

Enough said.

More of a concern than a rant really .......

I was brought up in a houseful of animals - cats, dogs, goldfish, rabbits, guinea-pigs, hamsters we've loved them all. And what better a place to find a companion than a rescue centre? Not something we ever did as my parents believed it was unsafe to bring an animal that might have 'issues' into the house.

To a certain degree I can understand their fears as it can be a challenge to bring a possibly ill-treat/damaged animal into your home and I suppose with two small children and other animals in the home you can't be too careful but nowadays all kinds of background checks are done before an animal is re-homed not only to ascertain its suitability but yours as well. Not too sure about POGO THE CAT who faces a series of dog encounters every day to decide if the dogs are suitable for life in homes with felines. What do you think?

Most certainly a rant.

I've said it before and, no doubt, I'll say it again. Why aren't children allowed to be children? Is it just me or do any of you, my blogger buddies, find these two articles quite disturbing?

In 2008, aged only two years old  Suri  (daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes) was hailed the most INFLUENTIAL A-LIST TODDLER , hardly surprising that here she is in 2011, her picture all over The Sun newspaper under the heading TOT NEW STYLE ICON. For goodness sake the child is only what 4, 5 years old?

Then there is eight year old, Romeo, son of David and Victoria 'Posh Spice' Beckham who recently made his debut on GQ magazine's annual Best Dressed list at number 26.

'With parents like that, staying stylish is just part of the family business' quotes this VIDEO CLIP which then goes on to ask:-

  • So cute
  • So stylish
  • Too young to be considered a style icon.
Not wishing to be seen as blogosphere's most grumpy blogger please let me know your feelings on any/all of the above OR how about having your very own rant? You'll feel much better for it - honestly.

* Soap was delivered to stores years ago in sturdy wooden crates, which were recycled for many purposes  but one of the best uses for a soap box was as a portable "stage" for an orator to stand on, to rise above a crowd and make speeches. It was democracy at its most basic: get on your soap box, and harangue the assembled listeners - The Phrase Finder.


Vivienne said...

Do you feel better?LOL. The children issue really gets up my nose. I think it is pathetic how they are treated as style icons. Whatever happened to letting kids pick their own clothes and wearing multi colours that just don't match! Noel Edmonds did it for years.

Misha said...

Sometimes I feel so bad for the celebrity children! What kind of a childhood is it?
Style icons?? Influential toddler?? It disturbs and angers me!

chitra said...

Here we have some reality shows in TV for children , tiny tots and the parents push them to perform which causes lot of anxiety in them. Why not allow children to be what they are.
travel time PW, see you after a week.

R. Ramesh said...

ya misha is right..sad for celebrity children...and thanks friend:)

GMR said...

Oh I hear you on this. Had a person this morning just decide to make a left hand turn without slowing down or using a signal. *grr* Could have caused an accident ....oh wait, I forgot, I was suppose to read their mind! O_o

As for the social butterfly tots....hopefully they'll receive enough grounding to not turn out like some infamous heiress that merely trapses around from party to party without a care in the world...hopefully.

Heather said...

toddlers and Tiaras. omg that the show even exists drives me batty. What are those parents thinking? not much about their child thats for sure.

on a different note. Thanks for suggesting Barbara Erskine. Her name didn't seem familiar resulting in me checking her website. wow, why haven't I read all her books. I did check my notes and found I have read at least one. I've requested her latest from my library. Should get it in the next two weeks. Thanks.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I agree with everyone about the kidlet issue. Too young to worry or think about such things.

As far as the kitty/dog issue. A lot of the places I know that rehome and do kitty checks already think or believe the dog is kitty friendly. So, it isn't often the kitty is exposed to wild barking. Never exposed directly to harm. Plus, the cat is used to it and usually takes it with a yawn. I had a kitty and pups together. My fave was my pit who had never met a cat, instantly fell in love with her and brought her up like his own. :) Yes, I carefully introduced and made sure before I ever left them alone. She ruled him like the queen of cats/dogs she was!

Melissa Gill said...

So driving a car is not enough to keep people occupied and mentally stimulated? Try doing what we do here in the States, text while you drive! NOT!!!!

Poor Pogo does not look happy to be the dog tester, but he did get a few good swipes in on that silly boxer.

What can I say about the Cruz/Beckham offspring? Too sad.

Suko said...

Petty, what a great post! I love the idea of the soap box "rant", and I must say that I agree with your concerns here.

Dizzy C said...

I started to comment on this post this afternoon, Tracy...until my partner turned off the electrics to fix a light switch.
I thought I was safe as laptop had charge, but of course I need the electric for the wireless router!!

Not just celeb mums, there was an article in the news today about a pushy mother who wanted her girls to be top musicians.
They were not allowed sleepovers, play dates and their childhood was mapped out for them.


Oddyoddyo13 said...

Ah, yes, because the driver is unsafe surrounded by several tons of metal compared to that scary pedestrian. (Please explain this little detail, I'm extremely confused.)

joemmama said...

Thanks for stopping by. People who park in the Handicap space is my biggest peeve. I just want to hit them with my cane!

Alexia561 said...

Well said! Discourteous drivers are beyond annoying! And I feel sorry for the children of celebrities, as the pressure on them must be enormous. No chance to make the stupid mistakes we all made, no chance to wear a tutu or batman costume every day, no chance to just be a child and enjoy playing in the dirt. Very sad...

Kelly said...

If I start in on "driving" rants I might never shut up! Quite a few of my pet peeves are in that category.

Alison said...

As much as I hate bad drivers, I know I've made numerous really dumb mistakes here and there from not paying attention. I've been lucky.

Love the cartoon!

Jenners said...

Only you would have the origin of the soap box in your rant! : )

And I can't imagine the purpose of taking away curbs!!! That just seems plain ridiculous and dangerous!

And poor poor Suri Cruise ... I dread when she gets older and has to live up to all these expectations of fashionistadom.

dr.antony said...

I cant believe that drivers would like to risk their lives just because they are bored.
I have cats and dogs at home and they get along well. If I can get along well with my wife,anything could go on well in this world!