23 Nov 2010


'Stop.' hisses the shape in the darkness, and a long, thin hand, with seven bony fingers, reaches out and briefly touches the thief's arm.
With the touch. The stroke.
But nothing happens.
'Stop, you must stop!'
The Amadans are back - and this time nothing can stop them.
...... From the outerback cover.


MEMORABLE MOMENT: It's funny how doing something good for someone can give you a warm feeling in the cockles of your heart sometimes. Even when you're an out-an-out, sworn-to-badness, no-good gangster.

Apologies for my being brutally honest about this novel but it just didn't hit the mark as far as I was cocerned. Ok, so it's written for junior readers but then so were many of the books I have read recently and that didn't stop me from enjoying them, from finding them a refreshing change. AND then there is the fact that it is a sequel which I think may have made more sense if I'd actually read the first part.

On finishing Amadan's Alert, I pondered for a long time on just how to review it. Have you ever finished a book and found yourself (go on be honest) thinking well! thank goodness that's over with? I don't know why I find myself having to read a book through to the (bitter?) end but I do and sometimes hate myelf for it - after all there are plenty more books out their begging to be read so why carry on with something you are not enjoying?

I don't often find myself using this word but I'm afraid that it just about sums up this book for me - boring. Too long winded, with far too many strands to it and uninteresting characters that are not nearly as 'bad' as the author seems to think they are, I think Doyle was trying to be amusing but fell way short of being so. Too harsh? Perhaps, but then I don't think children are fools and can often tell when someone is trying too hard - in this instance - to be funny.

There must have been something good about it, something that made me want to read it?

The 20p cost and the fun looking graphics on the front cover certainly helped. And then there was the whole concept of the novel - the idea of there being 'creatures' from another world using modern technology to travel and combat crime using 'the touch' was interesting. Plus I liked the idea that one of the three main characters was an elderly gentleman (the grandfather of another of the main characters) who had a secret 'weapon of ..... (now that would be telling.)

Amadans Alert was ex-library stock purchased at our local library.


budh.aaah said...

The cover looks pretty interesting and the plot is intriguing just the way I like it - but if you say it aint really worth it :) I trust ur judgement.
hmm btw yoiu didnt get me on FB because I am there under my name..

GMR said...

Hmm...have to say the cover and storyline are calling to me, but yeah, definitely need to read book 1 first. As for the "glad it's over" bit, yep...been there, experienced that. It's not fun, but it happens. Hopefully your next read pans out better for you... ^_^

Jenners said...

Well, at least you didn't spend too much on it. And you sound like me ... I'll persevere with a book no matter how much I'm disliking it. We need to work on that I think!

naida said...

sorry you didnt like it. I'm the same way, I stick with a not so good read, then I'm glad once its over.