2 Nov 2010


Whilst most people of the Christian faith see Halloween, which has its roots in paganism, (but then doesn't Christmas and Easter?) as merely a bit of harmless fun, I know that a small minority worry about its significance with some even believing it:

 'glorifies the dark things of the world' - CHRISTIANANSWERS.NET

(With some) Churches attempting to take the darkness out of Halloween with 'light parties' and even a graveside communion service.
The initiatives are intended to reclaim All Hallow's Eve as a time for celebration (several parishes will be sending children out to give away sweets instead of demanding treats) and religious reflection. - Tim Ross, the Daily Telegraph.

Good news then that All Hallow's Eve is followed by two important dates within the Christian calendar - ALL SAINT'S DAY on the 1st of November and then ALL SOUL'S DAY today.

Also set with its roots in paganism, All Soul's Day (also sometimes known as DAY OF THE DEAD), is today celebrated on the 2nd of November (the 3rd if the 2nd falls on a Sunday), and sees Roman Catholics and some Anglican communities honour those who have died, passing before them, and reminds the faithful to lead 'better' lives not unlike the FESTIVAL OF THE DEAD (now generally occurring after the harvest in August) from which it originates which celebrated the pagan belief that the souls of the dead would return for a meal with the family and saw an extra place laid at the table and candles lit at the table to guide the departed.


The day is fastly approaching
For us to to make some offering
Of flowers and candles burning
With foods and gifts so glittering
For our faith keep us believing
That our dead are around waiting
While some of them wandering
As they wait God's own judging.

This day to some is fun and resting
As some have party Halloween
Wearing some suits and anything
So scary and keep one screaming
As fear embraced their being
And touch of darkness breathing
In our heart and mind's imagining.

But we should never end offering
Prayers for their souls and being
For only this marvelous thing
Can help them end their suffering
And can reach them as we sing
Praises asking God's blessing
And forgiveness of their sins
As we pray for our own well being.
-Melvin Banggollay.


When I die, my dear
Of my clay make a cup.
When you have thirst, from me drink
The clay which clings to your lips
Is a kiss from your lover.
-Author Unknown.


chitra said...

Christians here too visit the graveyards and light candles and offer flowers on All Souls day.

As per Hindu custom we offer meal for the dead on their death anniversary. We are going to have such a ceremony this month for my Mother- in law.

Christina Lee said...

I love reading about the origin of things! I forgot about all soul's day!

Alyce said...

I'm not Catholic, so most of what I learned about these holidays I learned in my high school Spanish class. This was a nice refresher.

R. Ramesh said...

u have touched interesting points buddy:)

dr.antony said...

It so happens that the All souls day falls during Halloween,and there is no connection,what so ever, other than that.
For that matter, I dont know how many people really know what they celebrate during Halloween.

awitchtrying said...

Thanks for mentioning the pagan roots of Christmas and Easter. Sometimes people forget and, as a pagan, I find it interesting how Christians sometimes look down on our faith or, worse, fear it without realizing that so much of their own faith comes from ours. Thank you!

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

Thanks so much for reminding this.
Beautiful poems as well.
Great post! :)

PLUS: I keep repeating myself but I wanted to let you know for one more time that you are such an awesome blogger/friend and you DO deserve any recognition from all of us.
Thanks, Tracy...it was such a great privilege being part of your "World".

Big hugs!

B xx

Suko said...

Excellent post, Petty!

A said...

Beautiful poem...good post :)

Misha1989 said...

That was an interesting post!The poem was beautiful.
@Chitra I can't believe I live in India and don't know about Hindu customs. so thanks for that piece of info too!

Jenners said...

I really like the last poem ... it makes me want to make a ceramic cup or something to drink to remember and honor my dad.

As always, you have such interesting posts.

Kelly said...

I enjoyed the poems you included with this post. You seem to put much research into your entries and I really appreciate that!

SG said...

Nice poem. Loved this post.

Teresa (Read All Over Reviews) said...

I really wish Christians would get all the facts before claiming something "glorifies the dark things in life".

Halloween comes from Samhain, an ancient Irish feast honoring the dead. There is nothing wrong with that, after all as the Bible says, you weep when you come into this world and cheer when you leave it ... therefore, don't they celebrate death as well?

themethatisme said...

There is a connection Dr.Antony, albeit sparse. As christianity progressed across western Europe its path was one of adopt and adapt rather than imposing a completely alien set of celebrations and rituals, existing festivals would be appropriated. That all souls and all saints are when they are is not a simple con-incidence...but you are correct, the vast majority are caught up in the capitalist money-making fun-fest and not considerate of the festival itself...a bit like this coming Fridays celebration of our inalienable right to set fire to Catholics.

readerbuzz said...

I was born on All Saints Day. I think that is significant. ;->