5 Jun 2010


Aah, how sweet. With a reputaion for going out in nowt but their sleeve shirts no matter what the weather, it seems that Geordie blokes are not nearly as tough as they may appear - at least not as far as calling their mams are concerned.

A recent survey carried out by rightmobile shows the amount of mobile phone time (in per cent) men devote to their mams in UK cities.

Good on 'yer:-

  • Manchester - 58%
  • Leeds - 54%
  • Portsmouth - 51%
  • Birmingham - 46%
  • Liverpool - 46%
  • Swindon - 42%
  • Grimsby - 41%
  • Aberdeen - 39%
  • Bradford - 38%

And at the bottom of the table, shame on you:-

  • Glasgow - 4%
  • Luton - 5%
  • Coventry - 5%
  • Oxford - 6%
  • Cardiff - 7%

So where do you/your man stand? Are you/is he bottom or top of the league when it comes to calling home?


Martha said...

My sincere Best Wishes and Prayers on your hubby's quick recovery.
Please keep us posted, my dear Pretty Wittiness.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Best wishes to you and your husband-may he make the fullest of recoveries and be back and safe on Monday!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Hope your hubby is better soon. Praying here for you.

MOLLYC said...

Oh my gosh. I am so sorry to hear about the accident. I hope Neal gets well soon, and I am thinking of you both. Lots of love, molly

Alexia561 said...

That's so cute! What good sons those boys are! :)

Hope you and Husband dearest are both doing well! *hugs*

Tracie said...

My husband never calls anyone. He's not a talker.

I hope your husband is fully recovered soon!

KLZ said...

I'm with Tracie...aside from me my husband calls nobody. I talk to my mom constantly.

Kelly said...

Hope Hubby gets to come home on Monday!!

My husband is good about calling me when he's out of town. My son calls me on a fairly regular basis, too. Of course he texts as much as he calls, but that works for me, too.

Rachel said...

I am visiting via the hop! I love meeting fellow book bloggers and just wanted to say hello!

And the plot thickens...