6 Jun 2010


Following on from my post yesterday regarding the telephoning (or lack of) habits of the English male I just had to add this link to Doorman-Priest's blog - all about SUMMER DRESSING for (British) men it gave me a much needed laugh I can tell you as well as providing some useful tips for Husband dearest who, much as I love him, I have to say, would be a complete fashion disaster if left to his own devices.


Oddyoddyo13 said...

Hehe, ain't that usually the case?

Kelly said...

Thoroughly enjoyed the "summer dressing" post! I'll agree with the majority of it, especially the socks with sandals and the shorts. I hate seeing a man in short shorts that leave nothing to the imagination! And please, keep the shirt on! (especially if the belly hangs over the pants)

I do think ball caps have their place, though. You have to remember I'm a bit of a redneck! Oh...and the same for camo. We hunt, so we wear it. (even when we're not hunting)

Alexia561 said...

Too funny! Have to agree with the sandals with socks, and the too tight shorts. *shudder*

What I want to know is why the wives and girlfriends are blamed if a man is a fashion disaster? Unfair! I have a hard enough time dressing myself, and now I have to be responsible for dressing him as well? *L*

Martha said...

I am lucky, my husband is a very nice dresser, put together but not fussy.

purplume said...

Very interesting. I got nervous when I read about not wearing sports wear as leisure-wear. I got nervous for myself. I just got some skorts, two of them that I like the best say golf skirts on them. Please tell me. Is it tres gauche to wear golf skirts as leisure wear?
I am so out of touch.