3 Nov 2009


Apologies for this, my third post of the day, but I simply couldn't resist the inclusion of these three - all poached from other people's blogs. Well, I did ask nicely and they are old friends of Hubby (there's that word again, sorry Rob) and I.

From MADPRIEST at OF COURSE, I COULD BE WRONG, we have these two.

I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!! which will cause much discussion in the Petty Witter household - myself being the annoyingly cheerful type (who, if the report is to be believed, is more creative but worse at decision making and more gullible) as opposed to Hubby who is, well, of a less cheerful nature shall we say (but obviously much better at decision making and less gullible).


REVISION NOTES which, as it condenses twenty-one weeks of church history into just over four minutes, is well worth a look - I think so anyway.

Then from GRANDMERE MIMI over at WOUNDED BIRD, and one of the people directly responsible/to blame (delete as applicable) for my starting to blog, we have,

KIDS ARE QUICK which I thought I'd include as it's funny and, as most of you know, I love a good joke.

My thanks to you both.


Rob Innis said...


  /ˈhʌzbənd/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [huhz-buhnd] Show IPA
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1. a married man, esp. when considered in relation to his wife.
2. British. a manager.
3. Archaic. a prudent or frugal manager.
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5. to use frugally; conserve: to husband one's resources.
6. Archaic.
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hus⋅band⋅er, noun
hus⋅band⋅less, adjective

Kelly said...

Enjoyed all this but especially the clip on church history!!

Dutch donut girl said...

Spread the blog love ;)

....Petty Witter said...

Okay, okay Rob, point taken. What else would you like me to call him? My husband sounds too formal, He who must be obeyed? I don't think so. My better half? Nah. Him indoors? No, not that either.