4 Nov 2009


Some weeks ago I posted about what the TRENDY WOMAN would be wearing come 2010. Today, I thought I'd let you know what new (and I question this, for, as we all know, rarely is a fashion totally new, like most other things it is also recycled) styles all trendy men will be wearing this autumn, spring/summer.

1. Facial hair - Yes, footballer, DAVID BECKHAM, one time king of the metrosexual, has grown a 'manly' beard and where David Beckham leads, many will follow. (Personally I think he looks scruffy rather than manly.)

2. Country Dandy - Let Wes Anderson's FANTASTIC MR FOX show you the power of the double-breasted suit jacket. His is in cord, which is a hard look to pull off in the real world. Please note, elbow patches are optional. (Personally, they remind me of every science teacher I ever had).

3. Women's wear - Borrow from your wife/girlfriend/sister/mother (umm, I'm not too sure I have anything in his colour.) As women's fashion has developed 'mannish' clothing, so menswear is borrowing some traditionally associated with womenswear. So, if you want to get in touch with your feminine side, consider dabbling in animal prints. (Sorry, out of luck there - I don't possess anything with an animal print.)

4. Study 'A Single Man' - A film starring Colin Firth, yet to be released, just the kind of thing to be set as fashion homework. Learn here how great heavy-framed glasses can look with neat tailoring (back to Mr Fox then) and some classic white-shirt-with-black-tie styling (now your talking my kind of fashion.)

5. Posh cardigans - The cardigan buttoned up over a shirt and worn with a tie was a look seen on many a catwalk. You'll need a fine-gauge cardigan (not a tatty brown thing that has been stretched to at least 4 times it's original size) which also works layered under a suit. Avoid the double-breasted cardigan in this context though, it's too bulky and fussy.

6. Think utilitarian camping - (More of a summer fashion really but ....) if you're pre-planning next summers wardrobe (aren't we all?) factor in a dalliance with the great outdoors. Start with pockets: everything will have them, lots of them. Then, for the fashion extremist, style a sleeping bag into a cape (yes, you heard correctly) or wear colourful socks with sandals (ooohhh, not a look I like).

7. Explore new trouser shapes - Drainpipe shapes have dominated men's fashion for so long that the idea of fabric billowing around the lower regions may sound alien to you (not as alien as wearing a sleeping bag as a cape, this sounds rather reasonable in comparison) but there are signs of movement in the slacks department. (Does that sound rather rude to you or is it just my filthy mind? Yep, thought so).

8. Swap your scarf for a snood - (Now I could see me wearing this never mind him.) The snood is a neater version of the scarf, no dangling bits hitting you in the face. Go for a chunky knit version and wear over a tailored suit. (On second thought, don't bother buying one as ...) it's fairly easy to turn your scarf into a snood. Wrap around the neck a couple of times and tie in a knot, then pull the loops of the scarf over the knot to cover it. (Simple).

9. Boots are the new shoes - It's time to file away those deck shoes and replace them with some boots. Sturdy styles are having a moment: from a sort of Dickensian-style lace up to more military inspired styles. Desert boots have quietly staged a comeback and look brilliant with turned-up jeans (the boots I love, turned-up jeans? No) whilst, for the ahead-of-the-curve (what?) amongst you, the reappearance of Doc Martins (I never knew they'd disappeared) must be music to the ears.

10. Bleach your jeans - Really another one for spring/summer (but there's nothing like getting in there first, go on, become a trend setter) uber-pale jeans are so next season but please note should never be styled with black shoes. Better stick to tan brogues (what happened to the boots?) this autumn. However, if your an indigo jeans fan, you don't have to give them up (hurray), they're a wardrobe classic. Instead maybe think of wearing them with a pale pale shirt or denim jacket. (Jeans AND a denim jacket - now there's a new idea).

As you can no doubt tell by the tongue-in-cheek tone of this post, we're not too big on fashion here in the Petty Witter household but if you are then I hope you may have learnt something from this piece. Well, one never knows and I live in hope.

SOURCE: Emma Sibbles and Simon Chilvers reporting in the Guardian.

P.S. The man in my life may like to take particular note of number 4.


GMR said...

LOL. Some of the fashion "trends" they some out with are so ridiculous (in my opinion, of course)! For both men and women! Honetly, most of what you see on the runways...would you even be caught dead in them, let alone be able to pull off the craziness that abounds in their design? Men are slighty luckier in this department as they don't stray as far into the crazy-land aspect....but really, a sleeping bag cape? Can't say I'll be seeing that look catch on around here.... =0)

Kelly said...

Please tell me these aren't serious suggestions for men's fashions!!! Some of these are hilarious!

My husband is the jeans and pocket t-shirt type. He'll switch to flannel shirts if it gets too cold.

themethatisme said...

Who's this 'man in your life' you are referring to?

....Petty Witter said...

Theme: That would be telling. X

Kelly: Am afraid to say they are.

GMR: Don't think the cape will catch on here either but you never know.

Bad Alice said...

Have you seen the trailers for A Single Man? Very classy. But then Colin Firth tends to lend class to any outfit. Actually, I think the director is also a fashion designer.

(M)ary said...

boots are the new shoes...i am on board with that!