1 Oct 2009

All gone?

Almost 4 weeks ago (was it really that long ago?) I wrote a post about some unwelcome guests who had decided to take up residency in the roof space just outside our bedroom window - Yes, we had a wasps nest.

Today the man from pest control turned up to do the necessary, not any protective gear in sight (was I disappointed!), he merely aimed a narrow tube full of some chemical in the general direction and left with the advice that they should all be dead within the hour but if we were still having problems in the next week to give him a call, we might consider not walking about in our bare feet as if any were to get into the house, even if they were dead, they could still sting and, oh yes, a bill for £35.00.


chitra said...

Wasps I remember reading about it. today just one big stinging bee strayed into my house and i ran for cover immediately. wonder how with the nest outside?

Kelly said...

Ooo, I remember reading about it, too. A wasp in your hair!!

Hope this is the end of your wasps problems!

Petty Witter said...

All seems quiet on the wasp front, we haven't seen any flying about this morning so fingers crossed.