6 Sep 2009

Unwelcome Guests.

It's as I feared - we have, it would seem, for the 2nd year running, a wasps nest in our roof space.

Yesterday we had a friend (who also happens to be a roofer) out to inspect our roof. After promising to inspect it for months, he had some good news for us, some not so good news and some, potentially, bad news.

(1) THE GOOD NEWS. He had eventually managed to inspect the roof.

(2) THE NOT SO GOOD NEWS. We have 1 missing roof tile, 6 broken roof tiles and several missing ridge tiles.

(3) THE POTENTIALLY BAD NEWS. We seem to have a wasps nest under the boards just outside our bedroom window which could result in them having to be taken down and then, with wasps hopefully gone, replaced. Needless to say I will be calling pest control first thing tomorrow morning.

I wouldn't mind as much but, as I said, we had a similar problem last year which Hubby, thankfully, dealt with as it didn't involve dismantling anything (merely filling in the hole they were getting in after the use of some chemical or other). Not normally afraid of such things, I leave that to my (naughty) little sister and her two children, I did, however, draw the line when I awoke to find one of the 'little darlings' crawling in my hair.


Dorte H said...

What a pretty blog you have.

I decided to return your visit, and I have been looking around a bit. I´d better admit immediately that I am mostly interested in crime fiction and mysteries. Do you read & review that genre?

Petty Witter said...

Thanks for visiting Pen And Paper and for your kind words.
I do read some crime novels. A while ago I read and reviewed The Reckoning by Sue Walker and at the moment I'm reading 206 Bones by Kathy Reich - I have all of her books as well as all of Faye Kellerman's, I enjoy both these authors. If you pop over again I will be reviewing 206 Bones in the next day or so.

(M)ary said...

wasps in your hair?! oh dear.there are wasps out by my shed and we have an agreement, if they stay on that side of the yard, i won't bother them. if they come near the house, i freak out.

chitra said...

Wasps . I am really scared. those things really give me sleepless nights

Kelly said...

I wonder if your wasps are the same as the red wasps we have around here?

I won't say I'm afraid of them, but they ARE very aggressive insects and I give them a wide berth. I'm not allergic, but their sting is fairly painful.

I would NOT be happy finding one in my hair!!!

Michael said...

Here's what to take in your fight against these wasps - paper bags. Wasps are quite territorial, and at the same time, they don't want to fight other wasps unless they have to. If they think other wasps have already staked out territory, the new wasps will move on to find a different place to set up shop. So, if you crumple up a paper bag and stick it inside another paper bag and hang it by a string somewhere outside nearby, you won't have wasps coming around to make your home their home. Worked for us two years in a row now.

Petty Witter said...

Thanks for that advice Micheal and nice of you to visit Pen And Paper.

Anonymous said...

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