7 Aug 2009

Bairn's Book Challenge.

Being an aunty and having trained as a teaching assistant (not to mention all of the little darlings Hubby and I have minded for friends over the years) I am all too well aware of the difficulties that can be had in getting/keeping children interested in books so I was pleased to see this scheme reported in Newcastle's Evening Chronicle yesterday.

Nicola Juncar (nicola.juncar@ncjmedia.co.uk), reporting on the scheme had this to say

'Almost 5,000 children have become Quest Seekers this summer.
Youngsters across Newcastle have been making the most of the school break by signing up to the Summer Reading Challenge.
The annual event, which for 2009 has the theme of Quest Seekers, is being run in all Newcastle libraries and is being supported by the Chronicle.
It is aimed at primary school children and each child who takes part is asked to read six books during the summer holidays.
Youngsters can sign up to the challenge at their nearest branch library, or the new City Library, and can follow their progress by collecting Quest Seeker stickers and a poster'.

How the search works.

* Any child over the age of four years old can take part.
** The child has to be a member of Newcastle Libraries and can sign up at any branch.
The aim is to read six books before September 18. (This means they can take out two books if they visit three times during the summer).
*** If the child wants to take out more than two books at any one time, they can. However, only two books will count towards Quest Seekers.
**** Once a child has read six books they will be presented with a certificate and medal.
***** They will also be entered into a prize draw where they could win books, laptops, MP3 players and digital cameras.

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Sheila (bookjourney) said...

Wow thats cool! Thanks for posting about this