5 Aug 2009

Hello Kitty.

Whilst browsing through one of the many supplements that came with Saturday's Guardian newspaper, I came across a section in The Guide, entitled internet. Now, normally I wouldn't have taken much notice but something caught my eye - that something being a piece on a blog called kittyhell.com.

'Hello Kitty', writes JD, 'for the uninitiated is a cute, fictional, red bow-tie wearing Japanese cat, who since the early 80's, has become an obsession for tween-age girls and women who don't want to stop being tween-age girls. This is the blog of a man who lives with one such obsessive in a home furnished and decorated entirely in Hello Kitty merchandise; in part it's his fault because he suggested hie wife turn her hobby into a business. He shares a Hello Kitty family car, sleeps under a Hello Kitty duvet, talks on a Hello Kitty phone and uses a bathroom containing Hello Kitty toilet paper. Nothing, it seems is incapable of being branded by the pink kitten from nipple tassels to condom holders'.

A truly, truly scary site - you have to visit it.

1 comment:

Bad Alice said...

funny - i just started following the Hello Kitty Hell site.