23 Jun 2009

What a load of twaddle.

Have just completed one of those daft quizzes on FaceBook - what can I say, curiosity eventually got the better of me. Entitled 'What's your name meaning?', it came up with 'Woah! You've got an aggressive name. Your name reflects a strong personality and you are always up for trouble. Chill out man' MOI - Aggressive? As I say, a load of twaddle (and beware anyone who says anything different!)


Sherrie said...

I hate those quizzes, they are never right. You asked where I get my graphics when you stopped by my place, Just Books. I usually get them at Photobucket. I just type in the search box what I'm looking for, then look through until I find what I'm looking for. Then I save them to my computer. Hope this helps you out.


Have a great day!


Erika Baker said...

To be fair, it didn't say that you are aggressive, just that you have an aggressive name.
I don't know how it came by that answer, especially judging the silly questions it asked to arrive at it. Still.... it's not about you.

Petty Witter said...

Thanks for that Sherrie, I had looked at this site but was obviously putting in the wrong 'key' words. You wouldn't believe some of the things the search engine came up with.

Erika, It may not have said I'm aggressive but it did say 'I'm always up for trouble' and it can't possibly be wrong, can it? Surely you believe every word of it, I mean the internet is like every newspaper out there in that everything contained within it must be true or should I add niave and guillible to my list of failings?

Erika Baker said...

you know I believe every word of it! After all, it said that I have hypnotic qualities, or something along those lines. And as people's eyes ususally glaze over when I talk, I reckon Facebook is on to something:-)

Not sure about the Internet being as truthful as every newspaper - have we tried online horoscopes yet? That could clinch it.

susan s. said...

People younger than me make up those quizzes. They actually live in a different plane than I do, I think. And it's fine with me that they do. :-)

Petty Witter said...

A totally different planet, Susan.