23 Jun 2009

Twisted Minds.

Twisted Minds By Hilary Norman.

From the day he sets foot in the house in Hampstead that belonged to his new wife's first husband, Matthew Gardner begins to realise that life with Caroline is going to be infinitely rougher then he'd hoped. Two of her three teenage daughters, Flic and Imogen - charming to him in public - actually loathe him.

If only their mother could see Matthew through their eyes, the girl's feel, life would be much easier. As things are, however, Flic and Imo - two young sociopaths in the making - are utterly determined to get rid of their stepfather, and chillingly ruthless in the way they go about it.

" Tread carefully. Girl's who've lost their father that young are bound to be fragile."

" More then anything, I figure what these girls - young women - need, in the long haul, is people to care for them, be on their side.
I have a lot of love I can give to her daughters, and I know they may not be ready to let another man love them, but I can be patient."

But what happens when that sense of duty and wanting 'to do the right thing is so strong' and you have two, perhaps three, obviously damaged, teenage girls who are prepared to do almost anything to get you out of their lives.

Twisted Minds is a roller coaster of a read , just when you think an end is in sight there is yet another twist. I don't think I have ever read a more chilling, stomach churning novel, so full of sinister intent and malice, it's unbelievable and yet at the same time all too convincing. The characters are superbly written, with the exception of only one or two, they constantly had me yelling " What are you thinking of? Do something." This book must be every stepfather's nightmare come true.

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