25 Jun 2009

Oddest eBay Auctions.

* In 2006, a man tried to sell his soul before eBay bosses booted him off, insisting he had to produce written permission from 'a higher authority'.

** Justin Timberlake's half-eaten French toast, plus the fork and plate he used, were auctioned for £1,700 in 2000.

*** In 2004, a debt-ridden 18-year-old Bristol University student turned to eBay to auction her virginity. She received 400 bids before the internet company stopped it.

**** In 2003, Simon Holland sold a chip for £150. Simon, from Winconsin Rapids in the US, claimed that the six and three quarter incher was the world's biggest French fry.

***** A skeleton of a 50,000-year-old mammoth fetched £61,000 in 2004.

****** A mystery buyer stumped up £1 million to buy the Californian town of Bridgeville in 2002. The lot, offered on eBay, included 82 acres, 10 houses, 4 cabins and even it's own postcode.

******* A tooth said to have been pulled from Elvis Presley's mouth after he suffered an injury failed to attract the minimum £63,000 selling price on eBay in July 2007.

Thanks to an old friend for that piece of trivia.

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Sherrie said...

Amazing the stuff people will sell and what people will buy! You asked about my library selling books they don't use. They sure do. They usually have a big spring sale. They sell for 25 to 50 cents each. I usually set myself a limit or I would go way overboard. Last year they had a "sack" sale. One sack of books for 1.00. I bought 2 sacks and got about 16 books.