22 May 2009

My (Naughty?) Little Sister.

Today my little sis reaches another milestone in her life, it's her birthday - HAPPY BIRTHDAY - and though we have kind of agreed that we wouldn't discuss just what birthday it is, between you and me, it's a so -called 'big' birthday, after 30 but before 50 and it rhymes with naughty.

Now me and sis haven't always seen eye to eye and, to be totally honest, we would never have been friends if we weren't sisters (every one who knows us comments on how they have never known two sisters who are so unalike) but we love each other because , well, we are sisters.

As children, we had our fair share of arguments (I still haven't really forgiven her for snapping my Sindy doll in half) nearly all of which were caused, I'm sure she'll agree, by her. You see, she had an awful knack of pushing me and pushing me until I snapped, one of her favourites was repeating everything I said, how I HATED that, and when I snapped - boy, did I snap! However woe betide anyone who called her names and vice versa for we were always there for each other in that respect.

As young adults it got slightly better though we still had our moments, I'm sure she will remember how we argued over her bridesmaid dress, she wanted pink but I wasn't having it. It can't have been all one-sided though, I must have been the one to cause some of the arguments - just can't think of when . All of that is in the past now and, though we still don't agree on everything ,we remain close as sisters.

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