23 May 2009


I'm so incensed about an item on last nights BBC1 programme "The One Show" that it's taken me until now to compose myself enough to write. What offended me so much?

The article was all about the residents on a newly built housing estate in Dudley who claim the housing company who built their houses had guaranteed that they would remain the domain of private residents only. However, due largely to the current economic climate, the housing company were unable to sell all of the houses and so leased them to a housing association for use as social housing. Now the original residents are outraged and are threatening to sue as they claim sharing THEIR estate with people who do not own but rent properties will bring down the value of THEIR homes.

I couldn't help but think back to the days when home owners claimed property values would decrease because a Black/Asian/One parent family had moved into the area. Surely this is modern day snobbery and prejudice at it's very worst.

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