23 Nov 2022


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Target Age ... Children (ages 3-7)

Genre ... Fictional Picture Book

Publication Date ... 27th October 2022

Estimated Page Count ... 28

Standalone Third Book in The Grand Bug Hotel series

Types of post available ...

Order Link ... https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B09TNGTYZL

Flicker and her friends discover how helping others can be fun.

Queen Bee can't stop sneezing, so she won’t be able to oversee the pollination of all the fruit and vegetables in the garden this year. Not only does this mean there won’t be a Garden Party, it also means there won’t be any yummy food. Flicker and her friends help save the party—and the food. ... Synopsis

Today is a special day at The Grand Bug Hotel. ... First Sentence {Page not numbered}

Flicker's tail started to glow. It always did that when she had a bright idea. ... Memorable moment {Page not numbered}

The story of Queen Bee who, due to her allergies, fears she is never going to be able to organise that year's pollination ... that is until along comes Flicker who, along with her fellow garden bugs, sets about helping. 

Will they be able to save the day? 

I can promise children and adults alike will have such fun finding out in this incredibly sweet story with an environmental issue that hi-lights the importance of helping your fellow bugs; of pooling your resources and working together.

With beautifully done, full colour illustrations by Bryony Clarkson, Flicker's Garden Rescue is vividly brought to life meaning even pre-readers will enjoy a story that, ideal for both the home and classroom, not only makes for a fun filled read but one that opens up the opportunity to discuss the natural world all around the children.

The second of the author's books to feature on Pen and Paper this month, you can find Jodie Parachini's Dig It, Digby here.

About Jodie Parachini ... Jodie Parachini is a children’s author and editor. She lives in a village in Hertfordshire, England, where she loves swimming, gardening, and taking long, rambling hikes with a smelly dog. She can be found at www.JodieParachini.com

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Kelly said...

This sounds like a really cute book with a great message!

nightwingsraven said...

This sounds like a truly delightful book
with an important and heartfelt message.
And what you shared of the illustrations
is beautiful.

Karen said...

Oh, this sounds adorable!

I love gardening and insects :-)

Karen @For What It's Worth

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

I think my seven-year-old great nephew is probably past this book already, although he is busy getting to grips with picking out messaging behind storylines now. However, his four-year-old sister who has just started school would love it, I'm sure. She is beginning to shun illustrations in favour of trying to read text for herself, but these are so bright and colourful that I know she wouldn't be able to resist :)