8 Nov 2022


  One of several bloggers who over 7 days will be participating in this Blog Tour. Today {the 1st day of the Tour) its my pleasure to be sharing my thoughts on ...


Target Age ... Children {ages 3-7}

Genre ... Rhyming Picture Book

Publication Date ... 22nd September 2022

Estimated Page Count ... 28

Standalone First Book in Digby and the Construction Crew series

Pre-Order Link ...  https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B09TMZD84D/

Digby and his friends learn that there's more to life than getting the job done.

Digby and his co-workers work from dawn to dusk. The work is hard, it's hot, and they face deadlines to get each job done. But, one day, Digby decides it’s time to have some fun. He starts to dance, and soon all the other trucks join in. A raucous and joyous story of a very different kind of construction site. ... Synopsis

When Digby arrived at his work one day, with fuel to the max and his lunch stored away ... First Sentence Verse, Page not numbered 

The trucks looked embarrassed, 

their taillights burned red.

Not a beep could be heard.

Digby quivered with dread. ... Memorable Moment, Page not numbered

A sucker when it comes to rhyming picture books, but then aren't we all? I know my little book worms are. Talking of which, my apologies that they haven't shared their thoughts on this one but, that time of year {need I say more?}, I've deliberately kept it under wraps as I know at least two of them will be receiving a copy for Christmas ... but ssh, don't be telling them this.

A story with a charming simplicity which, combined with the fact that it is written in rhyme, makes it easy for young readers to follow and even join in with after they have heard it a few times. Add  bold, vibrant illustrations and characters that, like Digby, are all construction machines {what is it about big vehicles such as buses, fire engines, tractors and, yes, even diggers that appeal to so many children, especially boys, of a certain age?} with big eyes and, despite their simplicity, an array of fun, facial expressions and you have a book that is sure to delight.

About Jodie Parachini ... Jodie Parachini is a children’s author and editor. She lives in a village in Hertfordshire, England, where she loves swimming, gardening, and taking long, rambling hikes with a smelly dog. She can be found at www.JodieParachini.com

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Mary (Bookfan) said...

I have a four year old grandson who would love this! Thanks for sharing and helping me with my list :)

Kelly said...

This looks like a really cute book and I bet your young book critics will love it! Don't worry.... I won't tell. 😉

nightwingsraven said...

This sounds like a truly delightful and
precious book. And I suspect that I would
love Digby and his friends too.

Jodie said...

Thank you for your kind words Felicity! (Their taillights burned red is my favourite line too).

I'm having trouble sending you my next book before the Tour deadline. You'll definitely get a copy, but can I email you a digital copy so that I know you have it on time?

very best,