25 Jun 2022


 One of several bloggers who over 10 days will be participating in this Blog Tour. Today {the 1st day of the Tour) its my pleasure to be sharing my thoughts on ...


Target Age ...  Children {Ages 4-6}

Genre ...  Children's Picture Book

Publication Date ... 25th June 2022

Standalone Book 2 of Siena’s Stories

Estimated Page Count ... 34

When we walk we see things that we would have missed if we drove. Things like birds, cats, & squirrels. 

When we walk we have fun spending time together. We talk and learn how walking can help to care for our planet. 

Join Siena and her dad as they walk to school and discover every little step counts.

This is the second book in the Siena's Stories series. The first book, The Dance of the Snow Tractors, was named a top book for children in the automobile category by Newsweek magazine. ... Blog Tour Blurb

My name is Siena. ... First Sentence, Page not numbered

He tells me we must protect our skin from the sun.

I think he also likes wearing a hat because he is losing his hair. ... Memorable Moment, Page not numbered

Why We Walk follows Canadian Siena and her father on their daily walk to school. Siena telling us of the different clothing they wear during the changing seasons; a snowsuit, toque, mitts and boots for her, a wide brim winter hater hat, snow boots, gloves and 3 jackets for her daddy during the winter, lighter shoes, jackets and of course, always a hat on their heads during Spring and Fall for as Siena's daddy tells her 'we must protect our skin from the sun', of the game of 'squirrel' that they play, of the animals they see.

I'm pleased to say that as with the first of Siena's Stories: The Dance Of The Snow Tractors {see my review here} there are lots of bold, full page illustrations that provided no end of amusement to even those of my Little Bookworms {LBW} who are yet to learn to read. The big difference being that this, the second of Siena's stories, had more of a story to it {something that my fellow now 6 year old LBW picked up on straight away and was delighted about}; a story with an environmental issue at its heart, that of the hurt exhaust emissions are causing the planet we live on.

I can't say the thought of the book {or indeed any book} having an environmental message proved popular with all of the adults I spoke to, some of them thinking that children as young as 4, 5, 6 {the age the book is marketed as being particularly suitable for} were too young. 


Just the kind of conversation I can imagine a parent having with their child {yes, even a child as young as 4} when passing a 'long line of cars, trucks and buses waiting to drop children off' at school, I felt the environmental message was done very well, that it felt very natural, age appropriate and not at all preachy; the very fact it it prompted much conversation surely no bad thing.

My LW's? 

More savvy about environmental issues than I ever was at this age {in fact I can't remember there being a concern}, there was lots of discussion to be had.


Kelly said...

This sounds like another great book from the author. As for the environmental aspect.... I'm sure it can be enjoyed on its own, leaving it to the adult to decide how much to focus on the deeper issues while reading together.

Erica Robyn said...

This sounds so lovely!!! What a great message.

nightwingsraven said...

Siena's second story sounds
delightful. Not to speak of
its heartfelt environmental
message. Your review reminded
me of all the times when I
walked with my father. And we
talked about what we saw on our

DMS said...

This sounds like a wonderful book with a great message! I love the focus on walking. We do tend to drive many places that we could walk to- which would be better for our health and our planet. ;) Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

Oh this sounds wonderful. A nice way to introduce observing your surroundings and starting to care about things.

Karen @For What It's Worth