19 Jun 2022


{With illustrations by SHELLY OYSTON}

Who is hiding under the shade?

Our love of them will never fade.

Lovely to ride,

Carry children with pride.

Who is hiding under the shade? 

... First Sentence Verse

Who is hiding in the sea?

Paddling round and feeling free.

Best game of all,

Is fetch the ball.

Who is hiding in the sea? 

... Memorable Moment, Page not numbered

 As with the other books in the 'Who Hides Here? series; 'Footprints In The Garden', 'Footprints On The Farm' and 'Footprints In The Forest'this, the fourth book in the series, is a seriously charming and fun little read that inspires not just the young but the young at heart to explore the world around them; encouraging them to discover just which animals are 'hiding here' by the footprints left at the seaside ... or, as in previous books, in the garden, on the farm, in the forest.

A huge fan of author, Rachel Coverdale, and illustrator, Shelly Oyston, whose illustrations you feel you can actually reach out and touch {as proved by the eighteen month old brother of one of my little bookworms who, having reached out to touch the illustration of the dog whose footprints could be found at the seaside, cooed 'Ooh! Nice doggie!'; you would think that by now the impact the books had on me would have worn off a little but I find myself just as much in awe as I ever was.

Written it rhyme, something young children delight in; a fun way to learn and develop reading skills, the bright, life-like illustrations a sure way to gain the attention of even the most reluctant of readers/pre-readers. 

That the author straight away welcomes the adult and youngster with a brief 'Dear Grown-up' and 'Dear Child' note; inviting the grown-up to insert a picture/drawing of their child/insert a piece of shiny paper to act as a mirror a lovely touch that straight away has the grown-up on board, their child feeling that they are to be involved.

Likewise from the finding of a colourful kite which is to be found in every picture, to tongue twisters, to collecting shells, to matching the footprint to the animal, to circling the picture of the animals in the book the next time they are seen at the seaside, there are lots of fun and engaging activities to be found at the back of the book all of which reinforce learning in a fun way.

Learn more about Rachel Coverdale and her books here 


Kelly said...

My youngest grandson loves these books, so I'm glad to know there's a new addition to the series!

Rachel Coverdale said...

I'm so happy that you and your little bookworms enjoyed this one as well. Thank you very much for your wonderful review :)

Mary (Bookfan) said...

This sounds delightful!

nightwingsraven said...

As with the three other Footprints
books. This fourth book sounds
delightful in every way for young-
and young at heart readers.

Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer said...

This sounds delightful! Wonderful review. I am sure the Royals would enjoy this one.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Love a good book in rhyme. And based on the cover, the illustrations look beautiful.

Lauren @ www.shootingstarsmag.net

carol said...

This sounds like a lovely book. I wish I had someone young enough to share it with.

Authors with Advice said...

Sounds like lovely books and series.