16 Sept 2021


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Genre: Uplifting Women’s Fiction

Publication Date: 25th June 2021

Standalone Second Book in a series

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Married couple Molly and Dan are forced to swap lives. But will it bring them closer together or drive them even further apart?

It was only a blip. Just a little mistake. But in the world of television, Dan Whitehead’s little slip could cost him his career.

His only chance is to swap roles with his wife, Molly, who also works part-time, behind the scenes at the show. It’s just for a couple of months. Easy. What’s so hard about looking after their twins and taking a step away from the limelight for a bit? Only, it’s not quite as simple as Dan may think.  With more time, his past begins to haunt him. Then, when a friendly school-mum offers him the comfort he needs, is she everything she seems?

Meanwhile, Molly is more than happy in her sweatshirt and leggings. Why would she want to go back on-screen when she doesn’t even like leaving the house? But she needs to save her husband’s job. After all, it is her fault.  Then, when she’s offered an exclusive interview on the other side of the world, her life in Cherry Blossom Park is under threat. Why is she the only person to ever be offered this interview?  Dan must never know the truth.  

The Juggle is more than just a story about parents keeping everything in the air. It’s about secrets from the past and hopes for the future.

It asks the question – is a marriage every big enough for two dreams to come true? ... Synopsis

It was at exactly 6.02pm and sixteen seconds that Molly Whitehead witnessed their star reporter commit career suicide. ... First Sentence, 'Disaster Day': Molly

He looked at the list Molly had left him earlier. He had put a load of washing on, he'd put the plates in the dishwasher, he'd even made the beds.

Christ, this was dull.

This was not what e was supposed to be doing on his day off. 

He looked at his watch. It was 11.57am. He still had more than three hours before he picked up the twins. What did his wife do all day? ... Memorable Moment, Page 71                                                        

MY THOUGHTS ... Part two in the Cherry Blossom series but, hand on heart, it read perfectly well without my having read book one, The Pink Coffee Shop.

Once upon a time loves young dream ... and then, well, real life, marriage and children with all the responsibilities that they entail happened.

A story of changing relationships for sure. 

I liked main characters, married couple, Molly, happy in her jogging bottoms and hoodie, content to be working one day a week behind the scenes and Dan who, as someone who positively thrives in the limelight, has something of a big ego and really enjoyed the change in dynamics that occurred when they swapped roles, Maggie as the one in the limelight, Dan as a stay at home house husband, his whole self identity and self worth now in question, his seemingly jealousy of his wife as she thrives, gaining an exclusive interview half way across the world, arguably understandable but not pretty.

On the one hand I loved the background information that offered an insight into who they were pre marriage and the twins; as a women, finding Molly's story particularly readable as it it provided a substantial look at the person she used to be. That her inner voice, Hilary, continually puts her down, well, that is something I could whole heartedly relate to. 

That these flashbacks, the constant jumping to and fro from present events to those of eight, nine years ago, interrupted the the flow of the story somewhat ... Hmm!

Likewise, though her words of wisdom were certainly food for thought, to my mind, the occasional chapter devoted to 'Help With Helen' {a podcast Molly in particular relies on ... perhaps too much} were disrupting.

Overall, a read with an enjoyable enough plot, the enfolding events and secrets enough to keep you engaged but more than anything I'd suggest The Juggle to those who, like myself, like to be able to truly invest in a book's characters. 

ABOUT JESSICA BOWERS ... Ellie Barker is a television reporter and presenter. The Juggle is her second book. You can find out more about Ellie at elliebarkerwrites.com

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sherry fundin said...

looks like it could be a fun one

sherry @ fundinmental

Kelly said...

Even though it's not a genre I dip into that often, it sounds like it might be a fun change of pace. Good to know it worked well as a stand-alone. I always worry what I've missed when I pick up something already in a series.

nightwingsraven said...

I appreciate that Molly and Dan
are characters in which a reader
can truly invest. As well as that
how the dynamics change when their
roles are swapped. And I will keep
this book in mind and thank you for
your excellent review.

Yvonne @ Fiction Books Reviews said...

I'm really pleased you mentioned that this could be read as a stand alone story, because that is quite an important factor for me.

I also like characters I can invest in, although I'm not sure that the toing and froing between time zones wouldn't annoy me a bit too much. It's not so bad if the chapters are well signposted I suppose?

You set me on thinking what the outcome might be if hubbie and I were to swap roles!! I can't see it lasting for more than a couple of days - basically when I ran out of clean clothes to wear and we got fed up with eating take-away :) :)

Nice take on the story, thanks for sharing and have a good weekend :)

Nadene @Ttly Addicted 2 Reading said...

I love when I can invest with characters. The story sounds delightful.

Melliane said...

It's the first time I hear about this one but it looks nice

Suko said...

Felicity, thank you for your honest review. It sounds like you enjoyed it overall. Lovely review, but that's nothing new!

Literary Feline said...

A book is all the more rich with well developed characters. I like the sound of this one and will have to check it out.

carol said...

The concept sounds good, but I think I might find the characters annoying. She has a name for her inner voice? And he sounds like a jerk, at least from what you've included.