22 Dec 2017


Everyone loves playing advanced interactive computer games, don’t they?

Callum Fraser’s games are totally awesome but when his Rubidium Time-Leap flips Aran Bruce and his best friends—Brian and Fianna Fraser—back to AD 210, the reality is incredible. They have a task list to fulfil, which includes solving a local mystery, but it’s a nightmarish business when Ancient Roman Emperor Severus and his legions heap death and destruction on the Taexali Celts of northern Britannia.

Giving help to Celts and Romans alike becomes a lethal assignment—some Celtic chiefs are as foul as Severus and his beastly son Caracalla. Dicing with death becomes the norm for the time travellers from Kintore, Aberdeenshire. 

Will they complete the mission and return to Callum unscathed?
- Back Cover Blurb

Aran Bruce was pounding the fancy brass lion against the wood when the door yanked open, half hauling him inside the house.
- First Sentence, Chapter One

It was a real live Celtic hillfort. Not one in a book, and they were to drive the plot of the story.
- Memorable Moment, Page 59

SOURCE: Received from the author with thanks.

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MY THOUGHTS: Everyone loves playing advanced interactive computer games, don’t they?

Uh! No, not everyone but what an original concept. And such a great way to to introduce the young to Ancient Britain to boot.
A time travel novel for those who don't necessarily get the whole time travel concept. Set in and around the ultimate interactive role play computer game in which three friends find themselves in Celtic Britain. 

Cleverly weaving together the historical with the tasks the game throws up. Creatively written, The Taexali Game holds enough appeal so that 'gamers' should enjoy it and yet isn't so bogged down in technicalities that those, like myself, who aren't particularly au fait with the whole gaming world get lost. 

If your looking for a novel with a difference, that combines time travel with 'computer generated' game play and 'real life' action, that educates as it entertains you may well have found it.


Brian Joseph said...

Time travel stories can be so interesting. This one sounds a bit different as it involves travel to a time and place that seems unusual for a time travel story. I do not play these kinds of Computer games because of lack of time. I think that if I did play them I would love them.

Kelly said...

This sounds quite good to me, on a variety of levels. The only drawback is it being the start of a series - something I don't need to begin!

Nancy Jardine said...

My thanks for reviewing The Taexali Game, Tracy. It's much appreciated.

Suko said...

I agree with the other commenters--this time travel/computer gaming story sounds quite appealing! Excellent review, Tracy!

Anonymous said...

I appreciate time travel stories,
as it is interesting to see how the
time travellers react to- and deal with-
a much different time than their own time.
The premise of this book sounds appealing:
the three friends who travel back in time because
of the interactive computer game and Celtic
Britain at the time of the Roman Emperor
I will add it to my list and thank you for your
excellent review.