22 Feb 2017


Welcome to another Wondrous Words Wednesday, the meme in which several of you, my fellow bloggers, join in with. See Yvonne @ Fiction Books December WWW post here.

 Mary Poppins by P. L. Travers: Page 80 ... STRAVAIGING: Wandering aimlessly. 

Accused of being this, jokingly .. I hope, by a friend ... SCURRYFUNGE: One who rushes around tidying/cleaning when guests are due.

Accused (rather more aptly I have to say) by yet another friend as being ... OMNILEGENT: reading everything/addicted to reading.


Gina R said...

That's it! I too share the OMNILEGENT trait! Imagine that... 😂

Kelly said...

These are all new to me and I'll admit to having a bit of scurryfunge in me.

Love that last word! Yes, I believe I'll claim that one, too. :)

Anonymous said...

I love words and languages. And I, too
share the omnilegent trait with you.
Kelly once shared at her blog a site about
ancient words or words which were no longer
used from which the visitors could save a word
which they liked. I saved pregnatress:
Female power that generates or gives birth
to something, or someone who gives birth to
new ideas, thoughts and projects.

Brian Joseph said...

I love unusual and rare words. "Omnilegent" is a good one. I suffer from it,

Nasreen said...

Unusual words sound fun. Thanks for sharing, I love coming across new (to me) words.

Suko said...

Awesome words! I have been guilty as well. :)

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Oh, I'm definitely addicted to reading. Thanks for sharing!

DMS said...

Both of these words are new to me- but they are such fun. Thanks for sharing!